Letter: Maryland Corrections Staffer Injured by File Cabinet Says She is Out of a Job, Cut Off from Medical Care or Disability and Governor and Secretary Fail to Answer Her Plea for Help

ECI won’t let me continue to work there, and the MD State Retirement Agency will not approve me for disability retirement benefits because they feel I can continue to work my normal job duties.

Letter to the Editor: Cara Simpson got a plea deal to ditch her DUI arrest now she wants it all go to away so she can have a successful career

If and when you submit a 1,000 word essay apologizing the citizens of Maryland for driving while intoxicated on the highways upon which we all have to drive and explain how a family can get the name of a loved one killed by a drunk driver off of a tombstone; and IF the essay is worthy, it will be considered to deleting the information and replacing it with your apology.

THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY now on newsstands from Glen Burnie to Ocean City

The monthly print edition of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY can now be found on newsstands all over Maryland. Reaching far beyond the Southern Maryland region, look for THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY in major stores in Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Queen Anne County, Talbot County, Worcester and Wicomico on Maryland’s Eastern Shore as well as in Delaware. The print edition will soon be distributed in Northern Neck Virginia as well. Advertisers may reach Larry Jarboe at 240-298-5253 or Ken Rossignol at 301-535-8624.

Letter: Now we know why Cindy Jones would assist the campaign of a liberal judge — she sold her endorsement

What we didn’t know then was why Cindy Jones would help a liberal Judge appointed by a liberal Governor, when she claims to be a conservative. Now we can piece together the full nature of the corruption. Cindy Jones sold her endorsement to Judge Densford and her vote to land developers (you may recall that last month she changed her vote on the issue of public sewer in Charlotte Hall and Mechanicsville). The real question that we must ask is if she sold her endorsement in support of our liberal Governor’s political appointee and she sold her vote as county commissioner to land developers then what will she do if she does win the State Senate seat?

Letter to the Editor: Jarboe always faithful to the public interest

I am writing this letter because I believe that the 16 year record in office of St. Mary’s County Commissioner Larry Jarboe meets the criteria of the type of citizen and elected official needed. Accordingly, I encourage voters to select Larry Jarboe for election to the Maryland Senate. I have never known him to be unfaithful in his representation of public interests

Letter: Roots XV Fiscal Sanity

I have also talked about the “baggage” of my opponents, that one of them has too much baggage and the other only recently moved his baggage here from Charles County in order to run for office in St. Mary’s. It has come to my attention that one opponent has proclaimed his past support of transportation spending but in the term as a county commissioner, he opposed a second span over the Patuxent River at Solomon’s and opposed the efforts of Commissioner Larry Jarboe to bring commuter and light rail into Southern Maryland. My opponent’s promises in this campaign don’t match up to his words issued in the past.