ROOTS XII Conversation With Puff at Golden Beach firehouse

Letter to the Editor;
Dear friends, neighbors and hopefully new supporters;
I have recently been invited to not one but two candidate forums both of which are being held further away from most of my district than Waldorf – in Lexington Park.
Since many of you know how I feel about keeping Waldorf in Waldorf, I can assure you that Lexington Park is a perfect example of what I am talking about in terms of adequate public facilities being a prerequisite for new growth in the north end of St. Mary’s County. Lexington Park is a poster child of sprawl and disorganized growth; we all used to call it Dodge City for a reason.
The overwhelming response I have had from so many of you that you share my views on Keeping Waldorf in Waldorf, that it isn’t fair to our school children or our teachers to overcrowd our schools, to over burden our law officers or overrun our roads with new growth. There must be adequate public facilities before growth and that is what the slogan “Keep Waldorf in Waldorf” is all about.
Therefore, instead of participating in debates sponsored by groups that are run by liberal Democrats and traditionally support liberal Democrats and discussing issues that don’t mean as much to them as it does to us in the northern half of St. Mary’s County, in District 29A, I have decided to arrange our own venue for anyone in the district to drop by and talk and have conversations about the issues in my campaign.
I have no illusions about the likelihood that voters in the GOP primary in District 29A will bother with attending a candidate forum held in District 29C.
As I am always mindful of the good manners which are inherent in the roots which we all share here, of civility and hospitality, I also want to invite my opponents in this campaign to discuss issues of importance with you and with me at this event which will be held in our district.
This Conversation with Puff will take place on April 29th from 6 to 7:30 at the Golden Beach station of the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department.
I would rather conduct the campaign for this office here in our district rather than leave the district, but I can understand other candidates who have no trouble in packing up and taking their campaigns to distant towns. After all, one of the issues of this primary is baggage. One of my opponents has too much baggage and the other only packed his baggage and moved to St. Mary’s County last fall.
Should my opponents prefer talking to liberal Democrats instead of you and I that is their choice.
For me, staying in my district and talking to you is all about my Roots.
Best Regards,
Bryan “Puff” Barthelme

Let Puff Do It – Keep Waldorf in Waldorf
By Authority Friends of Bryan “Puff” Barthelme, Syd Moreland, Treasurer

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