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GOP candidates for Maryland House of Delegates District 29 A debate the issues

The three Republican candidates for the Maryland House of Delegates appeared before the Republican Women’s Club on May 6, 2014. The GOP Primary Election is held on June 24th. Early Voting commences on June 12th.

National Train Day is May 10th; Maryland politicians prevent trains from serving So. Md.

Maryland already has track use agreements with CSX in the rest of Maryland and already owns and operates the MARC train system. Other regions of Maryland get more for transportation than does Southern Maryland.

Letter: Roots XV Fiscal Sanity

I have also talked about the “baggage” of my opponents, that one of them has too much baggage and the other only recently moved his baggage here from Charles County in order to run for office in St. Mary’s. It has come to my attention that one opponent has proclaimed his past support of transportation spending but in the term as a county commissioner, he opposed a second span over the Patuxent River at Solomon’s and opposed the efforts of Commissioner Larry Jarboe to bring commuter and light rail into Southern Maryland. My opponent’s promises in this campaign don’t match up to his words issued in the past.

Keep Waldorf in Waldorf

Letter to the Editor: Politics is certainly not my favorite thing and I’m sure most of you would agree it’s not yours either. Sometimes, however, wading into that murky swamp…

ROOTS XII Conversation With Puff at Golden Beach firehouse

Letter to the Editor; Dear friends, neighbors and hopefully new supporters; I have recently been invited to not one but two candidate forums both of which are being held further…