Keep Waldorf in Waldorf

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Letter to the editor

Keep Waldorf in Waldorf
Keep Waldorf in Waldorf

Letter to the Editor:
Politics is certainly not my favorite thing and I’m sure most of you would agree it’s not yours either. Sometimes, however, wading into that murky swamp is a necessity.
I’m tired of politicians promising one thing when they’re running and delivering something completely different once they’re in office.  I’d sure love a big helping of honesty and integrity.
Is there any left?
I’m tired of politicians splitting hairs.
Don’t tell me you haven’t raised my taxes for the past eight years when you have constantly raised the assessment levels on my property, thus I really am paying more taxes on property.
I’m tired of hearing “there’s nothing I can do about it.”
Wrong! Get to know the candidates and their records and above all else, vote.
If they don’t keep their promises, take them to task.
I’m tired of hearing “well, I have to vote Democrat (or Republican) because I have to stick with my party.”
Really? Did Moses miss something?
The future of St. Mary’s County is at a crossroads.  We need to take our future out of the hands of politicians who supposedly were elected to represent us, but don’t. Remember that “insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
During my 37 year career with the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C., I commuted an estimated 750,000 miles.
I could have moved closer to work, but I didn’t want to.  St. Mary’s County is and has always been my home and besides I liked being in the country.
Keep Waldorf in Waldorf barth yard signI never had a desire to live in an apartment where I could hear every noise made by my neighbors; live in a subdivision with the houses 10’ apart; look over my shoulder wondering if and when I was going to be mugged or worse; and I wanted my children to be raised where they could run and explore without worrying that they could be abducted or molested.
I didn’t move to the city, but the city is certainly trying to come to me. Now it’s just next door. The quality of life and culture of Charles County has been destroyed.
Some developers, with the assistance of the some of our politicians, are trying to take us down the same road.
Waldorf, with all of its plastic houses, townhouses, and apartments, is no longer a safe place to be.
Don’t believe me?  Read the crime reports.
Here in Charlotte Hall, we’ve been fighting the battle to keep central water out for years, yet it keeps rearing its ugly head.
Be assured we are not going to sit quietly back and let that happen.
That, in itself, is the entrée to high density housing. Larry Jarboe has fought this battle with us but the bad news is that he is termed out and cannot run this year as County Commissioner.
The good news is that he is running for the State Senate.
Some people say that Larry says “no” too often.
I say look closely at what he’s saying no to and perhaps you’ll understand why. He truly represents his constituents.
Puff Barthelme is running for the House of Delegates on the premise of “Keep Waldorf in Waldorf.”
I agree with him wholeheartedly and have discussed it with him at length.  Having known him for over 30 years, I truly believe that he will do whatever he can to protect this county we love so well.
It’s long past time to take our country back and we need to start at the county level.
Are you going to be a part of the problem or of the solution?
I interview my candidates—after all, they’re supposed to be working for me.
Maybe you should too.
Linda Reno
Charlotte Hall, MD

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