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The future for Waldorf Mall? Creepy photos of abandoned shopping malls highlight crumbling communities of the Rust Belt

A photographer from Cleveland, who goes by the nom de plume Seph Lawless, spent the early months of 2014 sneaking into deserted shopping centers for his latest project. He focused on malls to tap into a fundamental piece of the American experience in the late 20th century.

Clinton: PG Cops nail dirtbag burglars who tried to run them over with car, hitting one officer; return fire hit targets!

The suspects were determined to flee, and used their car as a weapon. The suspects sped toward the officers, striking one of them, before speeding away from the scene.

Keep Waldorf in Waldorf

Letter to the Editor: Politics is certainly not my favorite thing and I’m sure most of you would agree it’s not yours either. Sometimes, however, wading into that murky swamp…