COURT NEWS: What is in the water at the Charles County Courthouse? now Judge Lou Hennessey faces serious charges involving a defendant in jail for domestic abuse

COURT NEWS: Another Charles County Judge Faces Removal: Judge Lou Hennessey says he just has a big heart; charged with advising domestic abuser in repeated jailhouse phone calls What in the world is in the water at the Charles County Courthouse? LAPLATA, MD. – Since 1996, three Charles County Judges have faced removal and either […]

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St. Mary’s County officials exposed Social Security numbers for all employees of Sheriff

As St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron is a state official, indeed a constitutional officer of the state, his staff of clerks and cops are considered county employees and the agency is required by law to be funded by the county commissioners. Therefore, compliance with the state law requiring disclosure of public information to the public could be considered to have to adhere to Executive Orders of the Governor.

Of course, had St. Mary’s County’s Finance Director, Elaine Kramer or County Attorney George Sparling felt compelled to verify the data provided in the Public Information Request, they might have spotted the illegal distribution of employee Social Security numbers to the public. An electronic distribution, as requested for fiscal year 2011, was simple and but four columns, without intricate records of sick leave, annual leave, contributions to pension and FOP dues, worker’s compensation, Medicare contributions and so on.

St. Mary’s County is not the only government entity that makes illegal dumps of social security numbers. The Internal Revenue Service, indeed the very agency caught up in the scandal over illegally auditing conservative groups, the Office of Tax Exempt Organizations, reportedly did an electronic dump of over 100,000 social security numbers in a public information request to as reported in Human Events in 2013

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SUPREME COURT ORDER: Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania arrived after 8 pm on Nov. 3rd must be segregated and counted separately

Supreme Court of the United StatesNo. 20A84REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PENNSYLVANIA,Applicantv.KATHY BOOCKVAR, SECRETARY OF PENNSYLVANIA, ET AL. O R D E R All county boards of election are hereby ordered, pending further order of the Court, to comply with the following guidance provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on October 28 and November 1, namely, […]

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LAW & DISORDER: The Case of the Ice Cream Sandwich Burglar; Frankie Russell’s Dopey Day; 6th DUI for Zach Lengfield – but who’s counting?

LAW AND DISORDER The following crime investigations occurred in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. The names have not been changed; the outcomes of arrests are reported in this column on an occasional basis following court actions. All persons found guilty are no longer innocent of the charges placed against them. THE CHARGES: BURGLAR JOHN PANKAKE CLEANED […]

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