SUPREME COURT ORDER: Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania arrived after 8 pm on Nov. 3rd must be segregated and counted separately

Supreme Court of the United StatesNo. 20A84REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PENNSYLVANIA,Applicantv.KATHY BOOCKVAR, SECRETARY OF PENNSYLVANIA, ET AL. O R D E R All county boards of election are hereby ordered, pending further order of the Court, to comply with the following guidance provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on October 28 and November 1, namely, […]

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Election 2018: Interviews & News

ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s County Sheriff – Ted Belleavoine Reveals Problems And Proposes Solutions For St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department ELECTION 2018: St. Mary’s Commissioner President Randy Guy Cites Crushing Results Of Overdevelopment On Schools, Roads And Law Enforcement In Charlotte Hall – Says “Keep Waldorf In Waldorf” ELECTION 2018 Desperate To Win At Any Cost, Sleazy Steve Waugh Blames […]

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Letter from Senate President Mike Miller to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on removal of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney Statue from Maryland State House 

Miller: We should have and continue to have a public conversation about difficult issues facing our country. A full discussion of each of our reasons for supporting either removal or retention of the statue as well as the complex history of this man and our State would only have added to the public conversation and understanding.

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Election 2018: Campaign Cash Continues Culture of Corruption in PG — on Angie Alsobrook’s List of those who may pay to play as she decides run for PG Exec or to replace Hoyer

Campaign Cash Continues Culture of Corruption in PG — on Angie Alsobrook’s List of those who may pay to play   Analysis and Commentary By Kenneth C. Rossignol THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY UPPER MARLBORO, MD. Prince George’s County politics and corruption have long been joined together by zoning and land use control, a fusion cemented by […]

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Bernie Fowler’s war was in South Pacific on USS Engstrom

Former Senator Bernie Fowler, now of Prince Fredrick, attended basic training at the Great Lakes naval base and went on to basic engineering school. After that, he was shipped to Viejo, California where he came aboard the destroyer escort ship USS Engstrom DE-50. On this relatively small support ship, Fowler would spend his near two-year tour during the war.

The diesel-electric powered Engstrom traveled across the Pacific to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where the men geared up for what became, for Fowler, a run to numerous island bases in the Pacific Ocean, where some of the most horrific battles of the Pacific side of World War II were fought.

The primary operations aboard the Engstrom, and similar destroyer escorts, were to provide protective escorts for fleets near these islands. They also conducted anti-submarine warfare “sub chasing” and “picket runs” around island bases to look out for enemy submarines, ships or aircraft.

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