PIRATE POACHERS OF THE CHESAPEAKE Cops nab outlaw watermen Wheatley father and son duo poachers raiding oyster sanctuary – not the first rodeo for Pop

While the vast majority of Chesapeake Bay watermen are law-abiding and work hard to understand and be in compliance with the myriad set of rules set down by Bay regulators, there are others who just don’t give a damn. According to the NRP, these watermen allegedly are among the latter, especially the father who has a long line of poaching convictions with which he can add notches to his boat and boast about in the tavern.

Maryland State Police Beat / Troopers seek Honesty in Crisfield as politicians walk sideways among the crabs

About the same time of the year that the annual J. Milliard Tawes Crab & Clam Bake was being held in Crisfield, drawing politicians from all over Maryland, the State Police held a fruitless search for Honesty. 

BUILD A WALL AROUND THAT BRIDGE Washington Suburbs Rockfish Poachers HOLA HOMBRES! they violated just about every dang poaching rule that exists

The next night, officers watched as five men from Prince George’s County caught fish and placed them in the trunk of an SUV. When officers stopped the vehicle and searched it, they found 73 striped bass in a duffel bag.