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Turmoil at the Top! St. Mary’s Sheriff Narco Boss Capt. Dan Alioto Booted

THE INSIDE SCOOP! Turmoil at the Top of St. Mary’s Department UPDATE When Captain Alioto was suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, he was left without wheels to leave…

Woman Says She Was Forcibly Raped By State’s Attorney Richard Fritz, 2 Others

The following is an interview with Carla Henning Bailey which was first published June 29, 1999 in ST. MARY’S TODAY.

Bailey told ST. MARY’S TODAY that she wanted to go “one-on-one” with Richard Fritz to answer his public statements that what occurred in November of 1964 at a house on St. George’s Island with her, Fritz and two other young men was a case of consensual sex, while she contends she was forcibly raped.

Bailey first disclosed her story in April, charging that she had been raped, saying that she wanted to be identified as the victim, pointing out that she had done nothing wrong or had done anything to be ashamed of. Bailey says that she wants to be able to tell what really happened as she is furious that Fritz is painting her to be tramp.