MURDER USA: #41 – Cops: Drug Dealer Shamar Poole was killed by Anthony Alston and body dumped and set afire on East Belvedere;  Sammie Carroll charged with the murder of mortgage con-man Andreas Tamaris

If the streets of Baltimore were a carnival, Mulberry Street should be a shooting gallery where those who hit the most targets win a stuffed bunny. Instead, the foul and deadly killers of Baltimore continue the march to another record year of murder while the bozo Mayor and politicians of Murder City mouth insane liberal arguments to advance their hold on the city.

Crooked Maryland Politicians / Former Maryland Delegate Michael Vaughn Convicted of Federal Corruption Charges for Taking Bribes for Vote on Liquor Bills

According to evidence presented at trial, Vaughn took over $15,000 in cash bribes from Paig, Lee, and others, in exchange for influencing and voting for the 2015 Sunday Sales Bill

Crooked Baltimore Cops Hersl and Taylor Convicted of Robbing Drug Dealers as well as Innocent Victims, and Fleecing Taxpayers of Overtime

Hersl and Taylor each face 20 years in prison for racketeering conspiracy, 20 years in prison for racketeering, and 20 years in prison for Hobbs Act Robbery. 

Heroin Highway to Hell: OPIOID EPIDEMIC & FATAL OVERDOSES START WITH PILL MILL DOCS / Dr. William “Skip” Vaughn’s Medical License Yanked Forever; Ran Pill Mill in High Rent Potomac

 From 2010, until he was busted in 2017, the Maryland Board didn’t reveal how many prescriptions he wrote to waitresses and bartenders in Hooters or provided prescriptions to others when he failed to maintain medical records or give proper examinations.  

Dirtbag Roundup: Ex-con armed robber Jason Armstrong sent to federal prison for ten years in home invasion robbery

Armstrong was very lucky he didn’t pick the wrong house to invade on Teddy Lane, as his innards would have likely been used to decorate a living room wall due to repeated shotgun blasts – if he had picked a nearby home which is the residence of two retired St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputies. 

WENDIE’S HOUSE OF HORRORS / Holland Manor Assisted Living operator surrenders medical license after elderly facility residents were exposed to abuse, neglect, theft by staff

Following an investigation by the Maryland Health Care into the Holland Manor Assisted Living Facility on Landrake Road in Towson, the long-time owner and operator surrendered her license to practice medicine on Jan. 9, 2018, as the regulators and Attorney General were closing in on her house of horrors.

ANNE ARUNDEL POLICE BEAT / Accused heroin dealer Jacob Caldwell charged in overdose death of Jared Weddle; Armed black male suspect assaulted and robbed pizza delivery man in broad daylight

Evidently warming up for a firecracker of a drunk she would throw the next night to celebrate the New Years, Crazy Christina Hall decided if she couldn’t outrun the cops, she would join them by ramming a police car with her vehicle.