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Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy Bruce A. Harvey charged with pimping kids for sex

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. – A detective who is assigned to track down perverts who exploit children in sex crimes on the internet was snagged by a federal task force assigned the duty of tracking down adults who prey on children by pimping them for sex.

DELAWARE STATE POLICE BEAT / Cops seek undocumented laptop shopper who waltzed out the door with lots of stuff

The suspects proceeded to remove several laptop computers and computer covers that were on display for sale before exiting the store, undetected, without paying for the merchandise.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani fires up Republican Convention with an epic speech

Giuliani’s transformation of NYC was also covered in one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. NYC is larger, more populous, has a larger economy and is more ethnically diverse than many countries, and Giuliani unquestionably put his stamp on it.