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Mayor Bozo to Radio Station: Don’t send reporters to my events who ask tough questions – bans Ken Burns

Press Association condemns Mayor’s banning of reporter: Further, her allegations of consistently threatening and intimidating behavior are without merit, as Burns had not received any warnings or other indication that his behavior during his long-time coverage of city government was not appropriate.

Opinion: Sheldon Adelson’s controversial newspaper purchase

Now, Adelson can do whatever he pleases with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and those who work for it can choose to work for him or not. After all, it’s not like there is a shortage of unemployed journalists who would jump at the chance to get back into the newspaper game.

The last show of The Joy Boys of Radio: Willard Scott and Ed Walker

While at Channel 9, I discovered this 1972 film of Ed and Willard Scott’s final broadcast as The Joy Boys on WRC (with Gordon Peterson reporting).