Delaware State Police / CRACKER JACK – Police say Scott Roschel forced kids from car at knife-point before fleeing and crashing

Many days out of each month, the police play lost and found with all manner of people. Some are children, some are adults suffering from various stages of age-related illnesses, some are criminals, and some are just downright goofy. 

CRIME CONTROL: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore from repeat offenders, violent gangs and weak-kneed liberal judges

“With all of these actions we are announcing today, we are saying enough is enough. This is about getting our communities back, getting gangs and violent offenders off the streets, and saving lives,” said the governor.

MURDER USA: Feds will give Hobos shelter for the rest of their lives – in slammer for murdering witnesses in Rico Rap

Although the Hobos lacked a traditional hierarchy, Gregory Chester was recognized as its leader. When the Hobos learned that individuals were cooperating with law enforcement, the gang resorted to murder in order to prevent it.