ROBE RAGE: District Judge Joan Davenport performed community service for assaulting another Judge in District Courthouse office

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Order in the court, the Judge is eating beans, or perhaps, is simply off her meds. WJLA reports that Judge Joan Davenport has been arrested on a charge of assault on Judge Sharon Goodie.

Attention Taxpayers: Maryland politicos unite to dig up J. Edgar and move it to the “not-so Free State”

How can Governor Larry Hogan not look good when he is stuck in the middle between Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin, who both look like refugees from the circus, Ben having lost his Bozo wig and Barbara as wide as she is tall looking like a double-stuffed avocado on steroids

Governor Elect Larry Hogan of Maryland: Hogan Win Likely Shoots Down O’Malley Bid for President as Voters Say No to Third Term with Brown

The Democrats have twice lost the Governor’s post in the past twelve years by nominating a minority candidate who also an incumbent Lt. Governor was playing second fiddle to a two-term Democrat Governor who had become vastly unpopular due to extremist policies.

Exactly how stupid are U of Md students? It depends on how much they have had to drink…

Commentary on the news and bozos

COLLEGE PARK, MD. — As the upcoming school year approaches, changes are being made to the median located at the 7300 block of Baltimore Avenue in College Park. Students will be moving back to campus on August 22, 2014.

A median fence is being built in order to encourage pedestrians to utilize the designated crosswalks.

Perhaps a pedestrian bridge should be built, but then, perhaps a fence would have to be built along the edge of the bridge to keep drunken students from tossing beer bottled down onto traffic.