Letter to the Editor: Cara Simpson got a plea deal to ditch her DUI arrest now she wants it all go to away so she can have a successful career


Letter to the editor






UPDATE: Cara Simpson has taken the first step. She has made a $100 donation to MADD and provided a receipt as proof.

To the Editor:
I wanted to let you know I have gone ahead and made a 100 dollar donation to MADD. I copied the text below. (I did remove my address information. I hope you don’t mind.)

I have done this with the full realization that you have not agreed to remove anything, and have no obligation to do so. But, I do respect your mission. I hope the money goes to a good use helping victims of a serious problem in our county.



To the Editor:

I’m contacting you in regards to two links on your website:



I am requesting you to please take down the mugshots you have from my arrest. I went to trial for the charges and pled guilty to reckless driving, with all other charges dropped. I can send you documentation, if you so wish. 

DWI Hit Parade dating serviceI am a young graduate student pursuing a career in fisheries science. I fear that your blogpost could be an impediment to my future success. If necessary, I plan to seek further measures to insure the removal of the photographs.

Thank you for your time,

Cara Simpson

1. If and when you submit a 1,000 word essay apologizing to the citizens of Maryland for driving while intoxicated on the highways upon which we all have to drive and explain how a family can get the name of a loved one killed by a drunk driver off of a tombstone; and IF the essay is worthy, it will be considered to deleting the information and replacing it with your apology.
Cara Simpson charged with DUI by St. Mary's County Md. Sheriff's Deputy

Cara Simpson charged with DUI by St. Mary’s County Md. Sheriff’s Deputy

2. ..and you provide a receipt from MADD of a donation of $100.

You should understand that your initial arrest will remain on the court records of Maryland and it was YOUR ACTIONS that “…could be an impediment…” to your future success. 
Your wording is insincere and indicative of you having learned nothing except, don’t get caught and if you do get a good lawyer who can get a great plea deal out of St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz.
Just because the charge was dropped as a result of the plea deal doesn’t remove the fact that you were arrested for DUI.
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