DWI & DRUG HIT PARADE: Dennis Evans still going strong with drugs and DWI in the 21st Century

St. Mary’s Deputy Matt Rogers stopped Evans on Medley’s Neck Road near Mulberry Fields Lane on Feb. 3, 2016, and issued him eight charges, all of which were dumped by Fritz.

White Elephant draws more wasted tax dollars and DC media tracking Bipartisan Boondoggle! St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron sent Deputies with K-9’s to Canada for airport explosive training while St. Mary’s Airport has never had a single passenger in twenty years

“The timing of this training could not have been more fitting,” said Captain Steven Hall, Commander, Special Operations Division. “Based on recent world events, the experience our K9 officers obtained while training in an airport environment will prove to be invaluable

Southern Md. Police Beat: Two armed robberies of stores in two days in Sin City of Lexington Park

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. – Two days, two armed robberies and in neither robbery did St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron release video or photos from the robberies or provide a description of the suspect. A description of an armed robber or photo is typically used to help solicit leads and tips from the public and capture a criminal.

Southern Md. Police Beat: That stuff about having no contact means do what the heck you want, the Judge was just kidding…

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that on July 23, 2015, Deputy Jason Smith was walking out of the District Court Carter building when he saw suspect Troy David Yates, age 49, of Lexington Park, who he knew from prior contact. Yates walked over to the victim and began to talk to the victim in violation of an active protective order.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Numerous stolen vehicles and burglaries should put Bray away for years; but he has a friend in the prosecutor Fritz

Since St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz has arranged many easy deals for this career criminal and serial burglar, the citizenry would be well advised to load up, lock up and light up. Dead burglars don’t take up space in the jail.