Southern Md. Police Beat: Do you know ‘Fat-Ink & Stuttering Sally’? They are robbing geezers in old folks home

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Do you know Fat Ink and Stuttering SallyDo you know Fat-Ink & Stuttering Sally?
LEXINGTON PARK, MD. — According to police the most identifying characteristics of two woman who have been robbing elderly victims in a door-to-door scam were the last points made in a police press release, possibly due to an abundance of being politically correct. So, lets get to the point – the fat woman has tattoos, not that half of the population of Walmart doesn’t show off tattoos on every visible body part (making wonder if the ones you can’t see really hurt a lot when inked into the skin) and the tall skinny broad stutters. The cops called it a speech impediment, which while medically correct does little to get the attention of the very folks in the public who might know “Fat-Ink and Stuttering Sally”.
St. Mary’s County, Md. Sheriff Tim Cameron is asking for the public’s help in identifying the two female suspects pictured above. The Sheriff’s Office has received several tips, however none of the information received thus far has led to their identity.
The suspects are believed to be transient, travelling in and out of Maryland and Virginia. They have been seen selling magazine subscriptions.
The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public to be on the lookout for the two fraud suspects pictured above.

These suspects are believed to be targeting elderly citizens living in senior living facilities; however they could be targeting anyone, anywhere. They are entering these secured buildings by following closely behind a resident.

They may also attempt to gain entry by contacting apartment residents using the exterior keypad. They then use some type of ruse to prompt the resident to let them in. We also need your help in identifying them.

On Friday, March 13, 2015, at 5:07 PM, the suspects entered the Victory Woods senior apartments located on FDR Boulevard, (behind Kohl’s Department Store), by following a resident into the secured building.

Once inside, they began knocking on doors identifying themselves as college students selling magazines, or raising money for the VFW, or St. Jude’s Hospital – changing their story every time they approached another apartment resident.
While inside one victim’s apartment the suspects stole a credit card, which was later used.
Both suspects are white females possibly in their twenties. The taller suspect, wearing a black hooded jacket and white shirt, spoke with a speech impediment.
Police say the fat woman, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, had tattoos on both forearms. When they catch her the ACLU will likely want to have the taxpayers provide weight-watcher free for her in jail.


  • Southern Md. Police Beat: Do you know 'Fat-Ink & Stuttering Sally'? They are robbing geezers in old folks home

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