DWI & DRUG HIT PARADE: Dennis Evans still going strong with drugs and DWI in the 21st Century

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Dennis Martin Evans Jr. DUI suspended prop destruction Leonardtown Center 122416. Four decades of alcohol and drug abuse still hasn’t killed Dennis Evans, but officials never keep him behind bars for long to keep from killing you.

DWI & DRUG HIT PARADE: Dennis Evans still going strong with drugs and DWI in the 21st Century

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – Sheriff Tim Cameron noted the arrest on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 2016, of a long-time drug dealer and DUI driver who has a record of crime and mayhem stretching back decades in St. Mary’s County.

The Sheriff’s Department reportedly received several phone calls from witnesses describing an older model Tahoe driving erratically in the area of Merchants Lane in Leonardtown.

The callers stated the vehicle had struck curbs and was weaving in and out of lanes. First Class Deputy R. Steinbach observed the vehicle traveling South on Route 5 making several illegal traffic maneuvers.

Dfc. Rozier Steinbeck St. Mary’s Sheriff Deputy of the Year with Sheriff Tim Cameron. Dep. Steinbeck collared Dennis Evans in the Christmas Eve mayhem.

A traffic stop was initiated on the vehicle, which revealed the driver identified as Dennis Martin Evans, Jr., 48, of Tall Timbers, appeared to be under the influence. Evans refused a standardized field sobriety test and was placed under arrest. An incident search of the vehicle revealed liquor bottles and suspected Alprazolam. In addition, his license to drive in the state of Maryland was both suspended and revoked.

Police report that it was discovered later that before Evans was stopped, he drove the motor vehicle through a victim’s field causing extensive damage. Evans was charged with Malicious Destruction of Property and issued multiple traffic citations including Driving While Impaired.

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Evans has a record of being a major drug dealer in St. Mary’s County stretching back into the late 1980’s and the 1990’s.

Two drug dealers, James Albert and Blake Ghiloni, provided testimony to a St. Mary’s County Grand Jury about the cocaine distribution business conducted by Evans.

Albert and Ghiloni testified in July 1990 before the St. Mary’s County Grand Jury as to their own drug trafficking and that of Dennis Evans.  They presumably were given immunity in order to testify against Evans.  In lengthy testimony, which resulted in Evan’s indictment on charges of cocaine distribution, Ghiloni and Albert told of being present as Evans dealt anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 worth of cocaine in St. Mary’s County, week after week, and month after month. 

Evans was indicted on King-Pin drug charges, but that charge was later dropped.  He was convicted on lesser drug charges and served less than a year in jail.  In a 1997 DWI arrest, Evans was represented by Richard Fritz, who was in private practice after leaving his job in the prosecutor’s office in 1992 and prior to becoming States Attorney in 1999.

The long romance of Richard Fritz and the Emptyprize transcends his guilty plea to carnal knowledge of a minor child. But he has been good at locking up black drug dealers while letting the white guys skate. Fritz and Judge Clarke Raley actually allowed drug dealers of any race to bring lots of cash to court and pay big fines to avoid jail time in a unique case of Leonardtown Payola. See more toons in The Story of The Rag

Evans was indicted on King-Pin drug charges, but that charge was later dropped.  He was convicted on lesser drug charges and served less than a year in jail.  In a 1997 DWI arrest, Evans was represented by Richard Fritz, who was in private practice after leaving his job in the prosecutor’s office in 1992 and prior to becoming States Attorney in 1999.   Fritz negotiated an agreement with the State’s Attorney’s Office where the DWI arrest was placed on the Stet Docket upon the condition that Evans pay $1,000 to the State’s Attorney’s drug program.

Charged by Maryland State Police Trooper First Class Antonio Malaspina with stalking, harassment, assault, resisting arrest, making obscene phone calls, etc. on Sept. 6, 2005, Evans was given a plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz and the attorneys for Evans, Daniel Slade and noted drug dealer attorney Ralph Larry Warren, of Capitol Heights,; the deal allowed Evans to plead guilty to harassment and be sentenced to jail for sixty days with credit for time served of sixty days. On the charge of resisting arrest, Evans entered a guilty plea and was given a year in jail with credit for time served of 108 days. The rest of the charges were dropped by Fritz as part of the plea deal.

Leonardtown DUI attorney Kevin J. McDevitt. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Furthering his career of being a menace on the road as well as an over the hill junkie, Evans got his PG County lawyer to strike a deal with Fritz on a series of traffic charges, all connected to Evans continuing to drive without a license – it was revoked many moons ago. No license means he had no insurance either. In a plea deal on charges brought by Deputy Byrd, on Feb. 9, 2007, Evans entered a guilty plea on Aug. 27, 2007, and he was fined $1,000 and sent to the Hotel St. Mary’s for one year with NONE of the jail time suspended.

On Nov. 4, 2011, Evans was arrested for DUI by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Ruest at 9:25 pm at the intersection of Piney Pt. Road and Buck Redman Road. Evans got a plea deal from Fritz, and in exchange for a guilty plea, he was sentenced to a year in jail with 290 days of the time suspended, no fine and supervised probation.

As St. Mary’s County Deputy States Attorney in 1992, Richard Fritz is shown patting down a drug suspect in the parking lot of Rose’s Place in Lexington Park, Md.,. After St. Mary’s States Attorney Walter B. Dorsey demanded that Fritz account for $20,000 in States’s Attorney funds paid to Fritz in cash for drug investigations, Fritz quit and entered private practice, becoming the region’s chief criminal defense attorney for drug dealers. Photo by Ken Rossignol / see more of ST. MARY’S TODAY in The Story of The Rag in Kindle, paperback, and Audible

Busted by Narco Squad Commander Capt. Daniel Alioto on July 18, 2012, Evans was charged with possession of cocaine, pot, and devices used to consume drugs and make him even more bizarre. In a plea deal on Dec. 13, 2012, Evans entered a guilty plea to possession of pot with the more serious charges dropped. THE DEAL; No fine and no time, as the sentence of one year in jail was completely suspended.  Evans likely ratted out other drug dealers in exchange for this deal.
Dennis Martin Evans, 46, of Piney Point on 3/25/15 by TFC D. G. Buckalew

St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

When charged with more than a dozen traffic charges on March 25, 2015, by a Maryland State Trooper, Evans hired Leonardtown lawyer Kevin J. McDevitt to go to bat for him. On the run of the mill charges for not having a driver’s license, or insurance, or proper tags, Evans was found guilty and ordered to pay nominal fines. On the charge of DUI, Evans entered a not guilty plea and was found not guilty – due to having forked over the big bucks to hire a super DUI lawyer. Why Evans was even worried about being found guilty is something for great minds to ponder, as he couldn’t lose his driver’s license as he hasn’t had one in decades. Going to prison won’t happen as the most he ever gets is local time in the Hotel St. Mary’s. But he brought in a gunslinger lawyer and got off the DUI rap.

The ink must be running out on the big stamp sitting on Richard Fritz’s desk that says STET or NOL PROSE (meaning drop the charge). For a slew of traffic charges regarding Evan’s driving habits in July of 2015, the stamp went down on the charges over and over again.




St. Mary’s Deputy Matt Rogers stopped Evans on Medley’s Neck Road near Mulberry Fields Lane on Feb. 3, 2016, and issued him eight charges, all of which were dumped by Fritz. 

St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron has repeatedly endorsed Fritz for election as States Attorney.

On July 4, 2016, Evans was arrested again for DUI along with the associated and typical charges consistent with his refusal to ever obtain a driver’s license, or attempt to have the revoked one reinstated. Evans was stopped at Rt. 249 and Trot Line Way in Piney Point by Maryland State Trooper Regina. The half dozen charges come up for trial in District Court of St. Mary’s on Jan. 25, 2017. 

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