Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announces tax relief for small businesses in Maryland

“The Personal Property Tax creates a disincentive for businesses to invest in capital and equipment required for their day to day operations,” said NFIB Maryland State Director Jessica Cooper. “Today’s legislation is a step in the right direction to providing tax relief for Maryland employers. Every time the cost to do business in our great state goes down, entrepreneurs reinvest their dollars into their businesses and improve our economy.”

Crooked lawyer goes to slammer: Promises of top interest rates fed the greed of private investors

BALTIMORE, MD—The old saying of ‘if it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t’ didn’t mean much to a group of investors who shoveled their money into the pockets of a group of con-men all for the promise of ultra-high returns on their “investment”.

Now the final sentencing is in the works with one Maryland lawyer being send to the slammer for a mere three years.

Outlaw watermen and unsporting hunters meet the law officers on fields and streams

SALISBURY, MD. — In Wicomico County, just before noon on Monday, an officer on patrol in Salisbury noticed a truck filled with 24 bushel baskets of oysters. The truck did not display a tidal fish license number, as required by state law, and the bushel baskets were not properly tagged.

Severn Reid Mister Jr., 57, and Cody Eugene Cavalier, 23, both of Easton were each charged with 12 counts of failing to tag oysters.

They are scheduled to appear in Wicomico District Court on Jan. 6. If found guilty of all counts, each man could be fined a maximum of $6,600.

All that glitters isn’t gold — Internet scheme only got him rich; Rondell Scott Hedrick convicted of wire fraud

After Hedrick made these representations to the informant, he solicited a $500,000 investment. When FBI agents approached Hedrick after the meeting, Hedrick maintained his ability to close such large gold transactions in Dubai, and he continued to solicit investor funds. He also contacted legitimate refineries in Dubai, claiming to have gold from Mali and Ghana that he was capable of transporting if appropriate contracts could be consummated.

HOMELESS and BANKLESS: Banks closing their branches as online banking grows; robberies traumatize rural banks; failures at much lower rate than recent years

EASTON, MD. — The well-built former branch of Capital One Bank in Easton, which bought out Chevy Chase Bank, boasts an iconic design. The closed bank building needs no sign to identify it. The building was part of the brand but today it sits empty with a ‘for lease’ sign nearby and a homeless man camped out on the front porch during what formerly was during business hours.

Now the bankless joins the homeless.

Anne Arundel Police Beat: Cops catch Fish for poaching bank; used bank action photo as bait

GLEN BURNIE, MD. — Anne Arundel County Police report that after issuing a photo taken of a bank robber who implied he had a weapon when holding up a bank that they have now arrested and charged Eric Frederick Fish, 49, of Baltimore for the crime.

Detectives from the Northern District Detective Unit immediately began receiving tips from citizens in reference to this robbery.

As the detectives followed up on tips, they were eventually able to develop a suspect. As a result of the investigation, detectives were able to obtain a search warrant for the suspect’s house located at 2243 Cedley Street Baltimore, MD.

Federal Judge reveals fortune cookie for Chinese national: NASA worker had U.S. technology on take-out orders to China; will spend 15 months in slammer

During the latter part of 2003 and into early 2004, in an effort to obtain technological components for use by Allray, Huang falsely represented to three U.S. companies that he was employed by NASA and was working on a joint project between NASA and Allray. No such joint project existed. The components which Huang sought included cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) and mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) wafers, considered dual-use technology subject to U.S. export controls. These products were unrelated to Huang’s former work at NASA.

In order to make it appear as though NASA was involved in procuring these products, Huang directed that purchased items be shipped to an associate employed at Goddard; used a Goddard e-mail account to communicate with the companies and subsequently redirect e-mails to his personal e-mail account; faxed (or had faxed) a purchase order from a number associated with Goddard; and presented his former business card to companies that identified him as a contract employee of NASA/Goddard.

In late October 2003, as a result of his false representations, Huang obtained five CZT wafers from Company 1 and four silicon wafers from Company 2. Huang directed his associate working at Goddard to ship two of the CZT wafers to Company 2 so it could apply a specific growth process to add a layer of MCT to the wafers. Huang also directed his associate to buy 10 additional CZT wafers for $10,620 from Company 3.

Company 3 subsequently determined that Allray was a Chinese company headed by Huang, and that the shipping/billing address provided for the purchase was a residential address. Accordingly, Company 3 did not sell the CZT wafers, and the MCT wafers were never manufactured. If successful, the MCT growth process requested by Huang would have fabricated a type of infrared detector suitable for military applications, such as night vision and missile detection, that would have been controlled for export to China. The 10 CZT wafers sought from Company 3 were similarly controlled for export.

Legislative Audit of Morgan State Univ.: Financial Systems Are Slipshod, Sloppy and Vulnerable to Massive Fraud

This report includes findings relating to conditions that we consider to be significant deficiencies in the design or operation of internal control that could adversely affect MSU’s ability to maintain reliable financial records, operate effectively and efficiently, and/or comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Our report also includes findings regarding significant instances of noncompliance with applicable laws, rules, or regulations

G-Men put the brakes on Pakistani running tracking App for domestic abusers and stalkers suspecting love-cheats

This is the first-ever criminal case concerning the advertisement and sale of a mobile device spyware app. Marketing for the app targeted people suspicious that their spouses or romantic partners might be cheating on them.

“Apps like StealthGenie are expressly designed for use by stalkers and domestic abusers who want to know every detail of a victim’s life—all without the victim’s knowledge,” said Leslie Caldwell, assistant attorney general of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.