Hogan ordered dangerous road fixed at Point Lookout that was ignored by Democrats for decades

The existing, narrow two-lane roadway is problematic for tourists unfamiliar with the road and regular visitors who drive recreational vehicles and tow boat trailers. In addition to people driving 8 ½-foot-wide recreational vehicles trying to navigate 10-foot lanes, drivers are challenged by the absence of shoulders and very soft ground and deep ditches on the roadside.

Hogan orders cut to arts and boost to cops “…a State Police Barrack in our state capital and adequate funding for public safety in Annapolis must be the priority”

“We are going to move forward with our plan, despite the Speaker of the House’s refusal to introduce a supplemental budget that would have put more State Troopers on Maryland’s highways and funded the re-opening of the Annapolis barrack,” said Governor Hogan. “Our state troopers were an essential element in the restoration of order in Baltimore last month and their exemplary work in the city is evidence of just how much we need these new positions. It is unconscionable to deprive our state capital of a State Police barrack and the troopers necessary to ensure public safety or respond to an emergency.”

Editorial Opinion: Failure at every level in Baltimore

As for Governor Hogan: he said over and over he was frustrated that the mayor didn’t call. What a lot of malarkey. He is the elected Governor of the State of Maryland and has the executive authority to act, not to retreat to the more partisan political ineptitude of which the political leaders of the nation excel. Protocol? What protocol is it that the Governor has to wait to send in troops and police to keep order in the streets? Where is that written? He said he was ready to issue the order and did so thirty seconds after the Mayor FINALLY called for help. He said he already had the National Guard on alert. Why did it take until after midnight, six hours later before the first troops arrived in the heart of the riot area at six minutes after midnight?