Editorial Opinion: Failure at every level in Baltimore

Senior center fire at Gay and Federal Streets.  Photo from WBAL

Senior center fire at Gay and Federal Streets. Photo from WBAL

Editorial Opinion: Failure at every level

First and foremost: there is absolutely no excuse for violence in Baltimore nor any other American city.  That we suffer from feckless politicians in positions of responsibility is a reflection on the poor choices of voters.

The Mayor of Baltimore and police officials in that city are all black in a black-majority population with a black-majority police department. There is no white oppression to blame for the rioting and hooliganism. There are only black leaders to blame for the failure to equip police vans with cameras, to provide police officers with cameras and for the failure of the black family unit which has led to this disaster.

Mayor Bozo of Baltimore

Mayor Bozo of Baltimore

To have President Obama point to “decades” of trouble ignores the fact that for “decades” liberal Democrats have been soaking taxpayers for their crony corruption as they rule America’s cities, with rare exceptions.

The police are right to chase down scoundrels who run from them.  Freddie Gray was such a scoundrel.  How he died needed to be brought forward quickly and those responsible for his death needed to be prosecuted and the police investigation should have been given the highest priority possible. There can be no toleration for what happened to him regardless of his being a scoundrel. No one had a right to kill him.

The Mayor of Baltimore’s own words of giving “space to destroy” for the rioters cannot be walked back. This educated and accomplished woman knew exactly what she was saying and no one held a gun to her head and demanded she choose the words she used.  The next day she accused the media of distorting her words. She is apparently used to a fawning local media in Baltimore, which will give her leftist ideology a free pass and be deferential to her because she is a black and a female,  She needs to be held accountable for her words and her actions for failing to allow the police to be prepared to deal with the criminal’s intent on rioting. She needs to be held accountable for failing to call for assistance. She needs to be held responsible for the awful damage done to decades of difficult coaxing of business to invest in the cesspool of Baltimore.  She needs to be held responsible due to her position of being the Mayor – not because she is a black or a female.  She wanted the job – she should do the job. For now, she is simply a bozo with a high position, but make no mistake about it – she is simply a clown in a three-ring circus.

Governor Larry Hogan

Governor Larry Hogan

As for Governor Hogan: he said over and over he was frustrated that the mayor didn’t call.  What a lot of malarkey.  He is the elected Governor of the State of Maryland and has the executive authority to act, not to retreat to the more partisan political ineptitude of which the political leaders of the nation excel. Protocol?  What protocol is it that the Governor has to wait to send in troops and police to keep order in the streets?  Where is that written?  He said he was ready to issue the order and did so thirty seconds after the Mayor FINALLY called for help. He said he already had the National Guard on alert. Why did it take until after midnight, six hours later before the first troops arrived in the heart of the riot area at six minutes after midnight?

Mother slams her kid and drags him off the streets as riot starts in Baltimore

Mother slams her kid and drags him off the streets as riot starts in Baltimore

What is the protocol that allowed for the politicians to stand and watch looters sack and burn?  Why are our police officers put at risk and stand in the street as targets for gunfire? Police lives matter too.

Hogan is no hero in this tragedy of stupid politicians and is a big disappointment.  He asked for this job and it’s a good thing he was elected over the empty suit he ran against.  Anthony Brown would likely have been playing the fiddle with Mayor Bozo while Baltimore burned.

The people of Maryland elected Larry Hogan to govern and take charge and in his first major test of leadership he stumbled.

Governor Hogan immediately should ask the Attorney General to review steps that could be taken for the State of Maryland to take over the Baltimore City Police Department and if possible to remove the Mayor for malfeasance.  There needs to be justice for Freddy Gray’s family and justice for the citizens who have been devastated by criminals and thugs.

There is but one hero of Baltimore riots: the mother who slapped her kid and chased him home.

Date Executive Orders issued by Gov. Larry Hogan
April 7 Proclaiming an Extended Session of the Maryland General Assembly
February 13 Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force
February 13 Inter-Agency Heroin and Opioid Coordinating Council
February 3 Judicial Nominating Commissions
January 23 Standards of Conduct for Executive Branch Employees and Reporting of Misconduct

 Glendening Issued Executive Order for Baltimore City Water Usage Under Emergency Declaration

Governor Parris Glendening issued many Executive Orders during his two terms, among them order for the following: Smart Growth Policy Implementation; Protocol for the Maryland State Flag; and establishing dozens of task forces and commissions.

One of the most important that Gov. Glendening issued was to make mandatory water restrictions which specifically targeted Baltimore City during a drought.

This is the Executive Order:

WHEREAS, I, Parris N. Glendening, Governor of the State of Maryland, on July 29, 1999, declared a drought emergency throughout the State of Maryland and appointed a Drought Emergency Coordinating

Committee to recommend water use restrictions;

WHEREAS, On August 3, 1999, it was determined that the low water levels in Baltimore City’s reservoirs endangered the health and safety of the water users and it was ordered that Baltimore City begin withdrawing water from the Susquehanna River to supplement the Baltimore City water supply;

WHEREAS, On August 4, 1999, it was determined that the Drought Committee’s recommendations were necessary to protect public health and safety and were reasonable to address the drought emergency, and mandatory statewide water use restrictions were imposed;

WHEREAS, Since the imposition of mandatory water restrictions, water consumption has declined significantly statewide and is currently down by 16%;

WHEREAS, Rainfall in the month of August has raised the 12-month statewide average precipitation to

77.2% of normal;

WHEREAS, Statewide stream flow conditions have improved due to recent rains;

WHEREAS, Water consumption normally declines in the autumn months of the year;

WHEREAS, The Drought Committee reported on September 1, 1999, that despite improved precipitation, stream flow and reservoir levels, the drought emergency will continue until all of these measurements reach 70% of normal level;

WHEREAS, To ensure the public health and safety, the Drought Committee recommended that major water utilities should have a sustainable 120-day water supply through December 31, 1999;

WHEREAS, It has been determined that the combination of significantly reduced water consumption and recent rainfall permits lifting mandatory water use restrictions;

WHEREAS, To maintain a 120-day sustainable water supply, Baltimore City must continue to draw from the Susquehanna River to replenish its reservoirs;

WHEREAS, The Department of Natural Resources, based on the Keetch-Byram Drought Index, recommends lifting the ban on open air burning for all parts of the State except for the four westernmost counties; and

WHEREAS, Article 16A and Article 41 of the Maryland Annotated Code confer certain powers on the

Executive, including the power to declare a drought emergency and to direct that measures be taken to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

NOW, THEREFORE, Pursuant to the authority vested in me by the Constitution and Laws of the State of Maryland, including but not limited to Article 16A and Article 41 of the Annotated Code of



  1. Direct that mandatory water use restrictions imposed by Executive Order 01.01.1999.24 be lifted;
  2. Encourage all citizens, businesses, industries and community organizations of the State to voluntarily reduce their water usage to the maximum extent possible;
  3. Direct that the ban on open air burning imposed by Executive Order 01.01.1999.24 be lifted for all counties east of Frederick County, and order that open air burning restrictions continue in Frederick, Washington, Allegany and Garrett Counties until such time as lifted by the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources;
  4. Order that Baltimore City continue to withdraw water from the Susquehanna River; and
  5. Direct that the Drought Emergency Coordinating Committee be reappointed to advise me on statewide drought conditions and make further recommendations as necessary.

GIVEN Under My Hand and the Great Seal of the State of Maryland, in the City of Annapolis, this 2nd

Day of September, 1999.

Parris N. Glendening



John T. Willis

Secretary of State


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