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Delaware State Police Beat / Tipsy Irving Cannon took his last walk on the dark side into path of car on Coastal Highway

Police say that the pedestrian did just about everything possible to bring an early departure from this earth. The man, 54-year-old Irving T. Cannon III, of Rehoboth Beach, was wearing all dark clothing none of which was reflective and was not carrying a light or crossing in a crosswalk.  Alcohol is being considered as a factor on his behalf.

Delaware State Police Beat / Boozing Bozo Sean Snyder Walked into Traffic; Dressed in Dark Clothes at Nighttime

Alcohol use on the part of Snyder is being considered as a factor in the crash. Snyder was also dressed in dark clothing and was not using a flashlight as required by law. He was cited by troopers with Walking on a Highway While Intoxicated, Failure to Carry a Light, and Stepping into the Path of a Car after Leaving a Curb.

Prince Georges Police Beat: Cops seek hit and run driver who left victim to die

The preliminary investigation reveals the striking car was heading northbound on Branch Avenue when it struck the victim. The victim had been walking on the northbound side of Branch Avenue. The driver briefly stopped but then left the scene.

Last Call: Wearing all dark clothing…in the rain…at night…not in crosswalk…proved fatal in race across road to a bar in Pasadena

The pedestrian was attempting to cross the roadway to the “The Office Bar and Grill” when he walked in front of the path of the vehicle. The pedestrian was attempting to cross Mountain Road outside of a crosswalk and was wearing all black clothing. In addition, when this collision occurred, it was raining steadily, further reducing visibility.

Lawless in Prince Georges: Jaywalker struck and killed while crossing roadway at night

The preliminary investigation reveals an SUV heading westbound on Brinkley Road struck the victim. Preliminarily, it appears the victim was trying to cross Brinkley Road at the time. He was not in a crosswalk. The driver remained on the scene.