Pirate Poachers of the Chesapeake: Pirate Poacher Gang of Eight Raided Oyster Sanctuary

EASTON, MD. — There are so many Maryland watermen raiding the oyster sanctuaries that the Maryland Natural Resources Police might have to bring in a barge with a portable jail cell on it to contain them as they run around the Bay picking them up when they are caught. The problem with that is that the Maryland General Assembly doesn’t include jail time for serial poachers.

Boating rescues in Chesapeake & Potomac over holidays: two saved, one still missing

SANDY POINT, MD. — A holiday turned into one of misery and mystery when a man fell from his sailboat near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on New Year’s Eve; the week before, two men fishing in the Potomac were lucky to be found after their boat sunk.