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Hillbilly Poaching Pirates: Rogue Hunters Give New Meaning to the tune: “Jimmy Cracked Corn”

WESTERN MARYLAND — Some of those out to hunt wild turkeys in Western Maryland are headed for court and will likely be paying big fines for showing that they are allegedly a bunch of cheats who refused to abide by the rules and regulations of hunting season. Perhaps they will find better values in the meat section of the local grocery store or by simply visiting one of the many Maryland turkey farms to buy a turkey. One can count on the cost per pound in the grocery store will be less than the cost per pound of the fines laid down by the court.

WHY ARE THEY RIOTING IN BALTIMORE? Opinion by Colonel Donald J. Myers USMC (Ret.)

If the people in Baltimore want change, then they need to change the people in government. The Baltimore mayor stated on Monday that she was allowing distance so that those who wanted to destroy could do so. What kind of leadership is that? Later, she denied stating that and blamed the media for taking her comment out of context. There is absolutely no way that her comment could possibly be misunderstood. I listened to it several times

Southern Md. Police Beat: SMIB OF THE YEAR! Ann Chilastri and juvenile both busted in DUI stop for driving while drugged

One knows for sure they are in the land of drugs, drinking and driving while blitzed from this news story from the Maryland State Police. On 4/6/15 at 3:40 pm, Trooper First Class Lewis responded to a single vehicle accident in the 5100 block of Broomes Island Rd. in Port Republic. A standardized field sobriety test was administered to the driver, Ann M. Chilastri, 46 of Port Republic. Police say that Chilastri failed to complete the test successfully and was arrested for DUI. Investigation revealed that a juvenile in the vehicle had actually been driving during the time of the accident. Both Chilastri and the juvenile were under the influence of CDS taken from another family member earlier in the day

Lance Fridley faces new poaching charges in oyster sanctuary while court cases are pending for prior pirate poaching; Maryland officials simply look stupid and powerless to stop poaching

Outlaw Watermen Busted by DNR Cops; Pirates Allegedly Caught Red-handed Poaching Sanctuaries & Cheating on Rules

(Editor’s Note: A few outlaw Maryland watermen, who are in the distinct minority of those who work the water to make a living – have extensive criminal records and are seldom in thin ice when it comes to being prosecuted. This review of the records of four recently charged with violations of DNR rules and Maryland law are as follows: Explanations of some of the cases involving one waterman have been provided by Somerset County States Attorney Daniel Powell.)

Saturation patrols, surveillance and tips from the public led to oyster poaching charges being filed by Maryland Natural Resources Police officers against four Eastern Shore watermen over the holiday period.

Hunters cook their own goose when shooting ducks over baited area; Harry Marvin Snyder fled from NRP cops to avoid fines for poaching deer

Acting on a tip, an officer checked the beach at Mountain Point at the tip of the island and found corn washed on shore near an offshore stationary hunting blind. Officers kept the area under surveillance and on Jan. 24 – the last day of duck season – found five hunters in the blind and in an anchored Jon boat. A large quantity of shelled corn was found in the boat launching area

Attention Taxpayers: Maryland politicos unite to dig up J. Edgar and move it to the “not-so Free State”

How can Governor Larry Hogan not look good when he is stuck in the middle between Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin, who both look like refugees from the circus, Ben having lost his Bozo wig and Barbara as wide as she is tall looking like a double-stuffed avocado on steroids

Dover Police nab trigger-happy bozo Agmere in Bubba’s shooting; he hip-hopped his way to jail!

Dover Police nab trigger-happy bozo Agmere in Bubba’s shooting; he hip-hopped his way to jail! – Police say that after the victim and his girlfriend got into their car, Ingram and Matthews, who were in possession of handguns, shot at the victims several times. Officers located the victims and their vehicle, which had numerous bullet holes in it. However, neither part inside of the car was struck by any rounds that were fired. The male victim was taken to Kent General Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released.