Pirate Poachers of the Bay: Virginia gets tough with pirate water-men

“This Commission has revoked ten licenses so far this year, and the Commission is quite prepared to revoke more if necessary. We don’t ask much of those who fish in tidal waters: Just obey the law and file mandatory harvest reports accurately and on time,” said Commissioner John M. R. Bull.

Fredericksburg Police Beat: Dollar Tree employees robbed by thugs waiting for store to close

Dollar Tree, 3061 Plank Road, 9/5, 10:00 p.m. Two employees and one other male were leaving the business shortly after closing. As the manager was entering her vehicle, two unknown males ran toward her from the wood line. The manager locked herself in her vehicle and the suspects attempted to get into the vehicle. The two suspects then made the other two victims get on the ground and took a wallet, a backpack, and a bag of items purchased from the store.

Charles County Sheriff Police Beat: Knucklehead and Chuckles Tried to Dump Drugs in Police Cruiser on Way to Jail

Police say that after he had been placed in the officer’s cruiser, the subject attempted to hide approximately 45 grams of marijuana underneath the seat. Further investigation revealed the driver was in possession of brass knuckles, and both subjects had conspired to sell drugs in the area.

Baltimore County Police Beat: Ex Con Skinhead who Shot Two Students on High School Athletic Field Released on Bail

TIMONIUM, MD. — The ex-con who shot a BB gun from the window of his apartment overlooking the athletic fields at Dulaney High School and injured two students has been released from jail. In this latest victory over the citizenry by the far-left liberal nut cases running the Maryland Judicial system, this dangerous criminal is once again free to render heartache and harm on the public.

Baltimore County Police report that Christopher Swayer-Schweigman was released on September 5, 2010 on $100,000 bail.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Cops Raid Got a Dickens Load of Crack; Stinky-Feet Sullivan Kept Cocaine in his Shoe

He had so much cocaine he knew not what to do, so Sullivan kept his stash in his shoe.

St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Captain Daniel Alioto reports that Narco Squad Detectives began making undercover purchases of cocaine from Javon Lyzell Dickens, 24, of California, Md., at various locations throughout St. Mary’s County.