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Dirtbag Dispatched: Fugitive decided to fight to the death with cop instead of being arrested; the cop won

NORTH EAST, MD – Another case of a wanted convicted criminal, perhaps emboldened by the incompetent liberal yahoos running Baltimore City and leading the rebellion of the criminal class, decided to fight a cop instead of being arrested. In the process, the wanted man got the end of the gun he didn’t bargain for and as a result is dead.

Southern Md. Police Beat: He drives like a CAVE-man; Nicholas Cave busted for crazy driving but has little to fear from the law

MADDOX, MD. — Now it’s on video tape and soon the video will be produced in St. Mary’s District Court after St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Connelly took a look at the squirrelly driving of Nicholas Taylor Cave of 26615 Tin Top School Road in Country Lakes.

Nicholas Cave has a record of making fools out of prosecutors in both Charles and St. Mary’s County as he has successfully dodged serious traffic charges including DUI on two occasions.

Anne Arundel Police Beat: Armed robber has a gun and a phone but does he have a pen?

Anne Arundel County Police report that on August 17, 2015 at approximately 1:56 p.m., Officers responded to the Verizon Wireless store located at 3353 Laurel Fort Meade Road for a reported armed commercial robbery. Employees advised the below suspects, one armed with a firearm, entered the store and demanded money and cellular phones.

Delaware State Police Beat: Pair Picked by Police for Parking Lot Purloining & Assault on Elderly Lady

NEWARK, DEL. – Who would be such low down dirty, no-good scoundrels as to mug an old woman in a store parking lot, steal her purse and then give her a good shove? Apparently the aforementioned alleged dirtbags are those shown here, according to the Delaware State Police

Southern Md. Police Beat: Dirtbag Roundup – Name this Dirtbag!

Dirtbag Roundup – Name this Dirtbag! CALIFORNIA, MD. — Who is this dirtbag who ripped off a wallet and cellphone from a citizen in the parking lot of the Giant…