Catching Fish a Clear Cut Choice for Commissioner Larry Jarboe

The Talking Fisherman and Mrs. Catfish Jarboe.  THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
The Talking Fisherman and Mrs. Catfish Jarboe. Carlene and Larry sail the world spinning tales of shipwrecks and booty.  THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo
Thank you to all Friends of Larry Jarboe for State Senate.  Carlene and I are grateful for your support, not only in this campaign, but since I first won office as St. Mary’s County Commissioner in 1994,
No, I won’t be traveling to Annapolis.  But, we are looking forward to moving to the Florida Keys in the winter and living in St. Mary’s County during the milder months.  Also, we will be traveling on the ocean cruise circuit.  I do maritime and destination lectures and Carlene organizes the power point presentations.  If you would like spend six days at sea, there is an especially reasonable priced run from Baltimore to Bermuda that you might want to join us on in September.
Regardless of where I might be, expect my monthly political commentary in the CHESAPEAKE TODAY as well as fish stories that are unlike any other fishing authors.  All my tales are true except for the parts I make up.
Last week, after losing the Republican State Senate Primary Election, I renewed my Forest Products Operators license and look forward to renewing my 200 ton Merchant Marine Masters License.  With the Maryland Unlimited Tidal Commercial Fishing license and Florida Commercial fishing license, I plan to stay busy processing wood and catching and selling fish from the Chesapeake to the Keys.
There are two work boats that I have to finish:  The 16′ Smokercraft is being set up for bowfishing at night for Northern Snakeheads and Blue Catfish.  In Florida, I have a 36’x16′ displacement power catamaran hull that I want to deck out for deep dropping, trolling, and chumming.  This boat will have full handicap access including a wheelchair accessible head.  Hopefully, I can use my skills to help our handicapped heroes enjoy fishing in the Gulf Stream.
And, there are a few more books to write.  People have told me that they recognize all the characters in my first book “Fishy Deals” but that is merely coincidental as it is only the first book in the Beneath the Surface series which is the continuing autobiography of an alter-ego.  So, don’t read this book and you won’t be offended.  You can avoid the temptation of buying it by not going to the website.
Again, please don’t buy that particular book.  If the men in black who work for the oil companies figure out the true nature of this instruction manual, I could be in big trouble.  Also, the local boss hogs won’t be too happy with me revealing about how they have made their fortunes.  So, continue to read all my articles and books but for my own sake and personal well-being, don’t look into “Fishy Deals” even though it is very entertaining.
Thank you again for your support for the past twenty years.  If you will avoid contact with “Fishy Deals”, I might get another thirty or forty years of fun, fishing, and tweaking the political elite.
Carlene thanks you as well as I do not have a very big life insurance policy.
Larry Jarboe –
Available in eBook, paperback and now in Audible.
Available in eBook, paperback and now in Audible.
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