Cap’n Larry Jarboe goes underwater for fresh fish!

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Boats, babes and Cap'n Larry at Antiqua. THE CHESAPEAKE photo copyright 2011

Cap’n Larry Jarboe wants all of his many fans and constituents to know that he has spent countless days snorkeling, checking underwater reefs and wildlife for new stories and details of how to get there, get underwater and find fish. 
He has also extensively investigated pool side bars and grills, tasted fish fried, broiled, uncooked, baked and covered with chocolate. In addition, he has gone undercover on the Cruise Ship Mercury, posing as a tourist, and will give a full report on the real secrets of getting a great deal on a cruise.

 He will report to you soon. Remember, only The Shadow knows for sure!

Toys on a yacht --- This yacht sports big toys while docked at Phillipsburg, St. Maartens. THE CHESAPEAKE photo copyright 2010

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