Sunday Fishtackular: Here’s to fine wines and tight lines

The sunset was magnificent! The sky was lit all around the horizon with a multitude of colors and cloud formations. It could have been the best sunset in the history of the world. As we marveled at the beauty, New York City was preparing for two feet (or more) of snow. Not only was my wife happy, she is also presently enthusiastic about helping me finish our big electric powered, handicapped accessible catamaran to share the joy of wine and bait sunset cruises with our friends and handicapped heroes.

Cap’n. Larry Jarboe: Seven Trailer Tips for Happier Boating and Fishing

Now, I never make a long trip without a full inventory of repair parts, tools, and tires. Though an additional eight hours of driving was a nuisance, I do not have any real horror stories to share though I have trailered boats since my teenaged years for many thousands of miles.
Surely, you have seen hapless mariners who have separated their tow vehicles or boats from their trailers on the highway or lost their whole rig, truck and all, down the ramp. Follow these simple lessons and you will not find yourself in such dire straits.

Big Bucks Billfish! Join the White Marlin Open

There is still time to register this weekend for the world’s largest billfish tournament which will be held from August 4 till August 8 in Ocean City. Boats from Key Largo all the way north to New Jersey will depart from the Harbour Island Marina for a work week of fishing that will culminate with an awards ceremony at the Clarion Hotel on August 9.

Do not expect such major money from just registering with the minimum thousand dollar entry fee. Captains and crews who put additional wagers in multiple calcuttas earn the really big bucks if they can put the biggest White Marlin, Blue Marlin, tuna, dolphin, Wahoo or shark on the dock.