Stafford Sheriff Police Beat Shoot-Out by Drug Gangsters along Garrisonville Road Results in Arrests

A search of the Mercedes and its occupants were conducted, a large stack of $100 bills was recovered from one of the suspects., age 18 of Onville Road, was the passenger in the silver Chrysler.

MURDER USA: Kaibiles member Jose Ortiz Morales of Guatemala pleads guilty to lying on immigration forms about his murderous past; worked at Johns Hopkins

Morales falsely claimed under oath that he was not a part of any group reportable to CIS, when, in fact, he was a member of the Kaibiles and sought to conceal his involvement with that military unit

HOOKER & HOBO PATROL Seven was the lucky number in prostitution crackdown for start of season

Don’t worry, the accused hookers and pimps you may have planned to meet for your upcoming Ocean City week have been processed in jail, perhaps given a dousing and a shower and have been released in order to keep any and all pending arrangements.

Point Lookout Hotel; memories of fun, history and dreams of yesterday are mixed with reports of trash and poor conditions at State Park

In some fairness to the military owners – they did improve the Old Girl while She was under their command. They installed a sprinkler system, put storm windows on each window, erected a helicopter pad behind the swimming pool (something every little hotel needs,) and saw to it that it was kept in as good of shape as possible.

MURDER USA: Would-be cop killer Ernesto Viado ended Deputy Darryl Greb’s career as a lawman; doing hard time in Hagerstown prison

A Signal 13 had already brought a tremendous response of off-duty and on-duty deputies and Maryland State Troopers, all of whom sped through the night to the aid of their fellow downed officer.

SOUTHERN MARYLAND POLICE BEAT / One year’s probation in plea bargain of DUI arrest of St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Officer Gogul; Cpl. Matt Rogers resigned

CO Gogul was with another St. Mary’s Sheriff’s employee, a Corporal with the Patrol Division after a day of training when the pair began to enjoy the night life of Easton, a sleepy town in Talbot County.

Election 2018: Campaign Cash Continues Culture of Corruption in PG — on Angie Alsobrook’s List of those who may pay to play as she decides run for PG Exec or to replace Hoyer

Campaign Cash Continues Culture of Corruption in PG — on Angie Alsobrook’s List of those who may pay to play   Analysis and Commentary By …