MURDER USA: Would-be cop killer Ernesto Viado ended Deputy Darryl Greb’s career as a lawman; doing hard time in Hagerstown prison

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St. Mary’s Deputy Darryl Greb was shot by Ernesto Viado on Midway Drive in the Patuxent Park neighborhood of Lexington Park as he stopped a street robbery in progress. Sgt. George Kramer, right, was the first law officer to arrive to aid Greb. ST. MARY’S TODAY photo by Ken Rossignol.  See more in THE STORY OF THE RAG

MURDER USA: Would-be cop killer Ernesto Viado ended Deputy Darryl Greb’s career as a lawman; doing hard time in Hagerstown prison

Ernesto Javier Viado convicted of attempted first-degree murder of St. Mary’s Deputy Darryl Greb on Jan. 18, 1995. Photo by Mike Carrico.

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. — Ernesto Javier Viado, now forty-five years old, attempted to murder St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Darryl Greb on January 18, 1995. Deputy Greb was working the midnight shift in the sometimes-dangerous town of Lexington Park, Md., about three blocks from the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. The base is the premier testing location for the Navy as well as the site of the NAVAIR Command headquarters.

Ernesto Javier Viado shown being escorted by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Stine after being charged with attempting to kill Deputy Darryl Greb on Jan. 18, 1995.
William Terrence Campbell sentenced to 12 years for drug distribution by Judge Michael Stamm.

William Terrance Campbell is also being hosted by the taxpayers of Maryland but is domiciled at the Maryland prison in Jessup, Md.

After being convicted in 2014 of drug distribution in St. Mary’s Circuit Court, Campbell who had been living in Park Hall, Md., was sentenced to twelve years in prison. In a plea deal with his lawyer, Kevin Hill, and St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz the deal for the lengthy prison term included a recommendation to send him to the Patuxent Institution, which is a country-club setting for nutty prisoners. On Dec. 16, 2016, Campbell’s attorney filed a motion to explore drug and alcohol evaluation for his client as part of the reconsideration of the sentence of twelve years.  It remains to be seen if Judge Densford would recuse himself should the motion to spring his former client’s partner in crime come before his court, as Judge Raley retired.

Campbell was never charged in the shooting and robbery involving Deputy Greb and Nolan.  He did testify in the case against Viado and as is customary, the prosecutor makes deals with criminals who are witnesses.


  • A Signal 13 had already brought a tremendous response of off-duty and on-duty deputies and Maryland State Troopers, all of whom sped through the night to the aid of their fellow downed officer.

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