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A fine time to take a trip on a charter boat

She actually said it was more fun than deer hunting. It measured 45 inches and weighed a nice thirty pounds.

There’s not much time when fire breaks out on your boat

Tieman’s arrival was less than five minutes after the time of the mayday call, yet the vessel’s deck was already hot enough to burn the mate’s feet before Tieman was able to evacuate the captain and mate to the TowBoatUS vessel.

Five Somalis Convicted of Piracy Against USS Nicholas

“These five Somali pirates were convicted of an armed assault on the high seas against what they thought was a merchant vessel, but turned out to be a U.S. Navy frigate engaged in counter-piracy operations off the Horn of Africa.

Passengers on cruise ship sailing from Baltimore could have stayed home to be robbed

Local heathens put a tree across the road and blocked the path of a tour bus filled with passengers on an excursion from the ship.

Safety Tips to Avoid Deep-Fried Turkey Disasters

 – With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, Allstate Insurance is talking turkey. Deep frying a turkey can be a hazardous endeavor, and Allstate wants consumers to be sure…

The Story of the ‘Can’t Miss’: Sixteen million bricks towering above the sea!

     By Cap’n Larry Jarboe THE CHESAPEAKE      In April of 1980, my wife, Carlene, was a month pregnant with our first child. We decided to take a captain…

St. George Island Indian Casino Gains Support from Commissioners Eager to Balance Budget; Island Soon to Separate from Bridge

PINEY POINT (Special) — In spite of warnings from the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the O’Malley Administration has failed to act to secure and safeguard St. George’s Island from drifting…

Island Shows New Signs of Slippage from Mainland; Indians Set to Turn it Into Casino

ST. GEORGE ISLAND, Md. (SPECIAL) — A serious disturbance in the Gregorian Fault which lies underneath the Potomac River and affects an island attached to the mainland of St. Mary’s…

Products That Protect the Chesapeake

By Cap’n Larry Jarboe THE CHESAPEAKE While cruising by car on a weekday lunch trip through Solomons, I saw a boatload of happy anglers from the Miss Susie cleaning their…

Oysters are cleaning up parts of St. Jerome’s Creek

By Richard Pelz Special Correspondent THE CHESAPEAKE Larry Jarboe asked me to start writing about oysters. Specifically, he asked me to get the facts out there. My knowledge comes from…