Products That Protect the Chesapeake

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Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
By Cap’n Larry Jarboe


While cruising by car on a weekday lunch trip through Solomons, I saw a boatload of happy anglers from the Miss Susie cleaning their catch. Each one had a trophy rockfish for a picture and fine family dining. Though today a catch like this is a regular occurrence with professional charter captains like Capt. Greg Buckner, just a few years ago, there was a moratorium on catching rockfish due to the low population levels.

The recent limits on female crabs and the rebounding population figures for those clawed crustaceans show promise that effective natural resource regulations can help maintain sustainable healthy fisheries. Hopefully, with an improved system of oyster sanctuaries, Maryland will achieve the perfect trifecta of common sense conservation regulations.

In the meantime, each of us also can play our part in protecting the Chesapeake Bay watershed that we live in.

This week, Duane Hendricks from Green Earth Solutions introduced me to a high quality bio-degradable oil made from animal fat rather than petrochemicals. As a boater, the idea of a bio-degradable oil in a marine engine is very important to me. No matter how careful any of us might be, invariably, an inboard engine will leak some oil into the bilge. The very word bilge conjures up greasy, black water. Unlike the petroleum based oil, the G-oil does not pollute the water with a toxic residue.

The Green Motor Oil sold by Green Earth Solutions does cost more than regular motor oil, but you can go twice as far on an oil change. That saves the cost of a filter and the time saved by doing only half as many oil changes. The economic benefits are as good as the environmental benefits.

Today, I put G-oil changes into my marinized Ford 302 engine in my 20′ Shamrock and the hand me down Toyota Camry with over 290,000 miles on the odometer. Not a single Arab sheik got a penny from the transaction and I will have more time to go fishing.

A pretty good deal for you, me and the Chesapeake. Check out Duane’s line of bio-degradable products at:

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