A fine time to take a trip on a charter boat

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By Burt Rogers

This past Sunday my wife and I Jennifer made our third trip out of
Solomon’s in search of one of those big rockfish everyone talks about. Up until now it has been slim pickings.

My wife really doesn’t like to sit on the boat more than half the day just to get skunked. 

On the few trips she has insisted on using bloodworms and light tackle but I reassured her that once she got one of the fall monsters she would understand what it was all about. Well about eleven o clock in the morning the birds were working the shipping channel around the HI buoy and one of fourteen rods went down the time for vindication  had arrived.
I quickly grabbed the rod which was assigned to one of the planer boards and set the hook handed to the miss’s .
The fish was pulling so hard we had to put it in the rear rod holder for her to reel it in. When the fish came to the surface my wife new why I loved catching these beauties. She actually said it was more fun than deer hunting. It measured 45 inches and weighed a nice thirty pounds.

Anyway shortly after we got the moose in the boat another rod went down that one was 44 inches and weighed twenty eight pounds.
Once we got the two we started to pull in the lines and had a fat 38 inch get on which we quickly
released. We had to send pictures to my dad and I ended up taking him out Monday 29 Nov and he caught two nice fish one 38 inches weighing twenty five pounds and a nice 36 inch one.
I would encourage folks to get out there and give it a try or go with the professionals.
Those Charters boats know what they are doing and you can learn a lot. Don’t get discouraged if it does not
happen on the first trip be persistent  and it will pay off. The season will end 15 Dec 2010 so get out there!

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