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MURDER USA / Baltimore cops charge Mausean Carter with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder – THE CROSSTOWN KILLER nabbed

MURDER COUNTDOWN FOR 2017 MURDER USA / Baltimore CityPolice nab cross-town shooter Mausean Carter RAMPAGING MAUSEAN CARTER CHARGED IN SHOOTING SPREE BALTIMORE, MD. — Baltimore City Police report that a…

Delaware State Police Beat / Dirtbag Adam Radcliffe, who dragged trooper with his vehicle at traffic stop, died after being hit by officer’s gunfire

The initial investigation reveals a trooper attempted to conduct a traffic stop and was subsequently dragged by the suspect vehicle. The trooper fired his divisionally issued firearm at the suspect.

Delaware State Police / CRACKER JACK – Police say Scott Roschel forced kids from car at knife-point before fleeing and crashing

Many days out of each month, the police play lost and found with all manner of people. Some are children, some are adults suffering from various stages of age-related illnesses, some are criminals, and some are just downright goofy. 

DELAWARE STATE POLICE BEAT How to get three thugs to work? Let ‘em rob a Pizza Hut

The suspects also ordered the victim to surrender her Apple I-phone, which she did. After obtaining all the property, the suspects then forced the victim into the walk-in freezer, before fleeing in an unknown direction.

SO MD POLICE BEAT Guess who’s coming to dinner? The Black Bandits

The pot roast is in the oven, News4 is on TV and the kid is crying for dinner while checking his latest text from a friend across the room, when what should suddenly appear, but two masked men armed with knives, dressed all in black and ready take anything that is near and dear.