Maryland State Police Beat / Shopping excursion ends in arrest, but Michael Wyatt did remember to bring his drug kit; forgot his cash

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Maryland State Police Beat / Shopping excursion ends in arrest, but Michael Wyatt did remember to bring his drug kit; forgot his cash


CALIFORNIA, MD. — Maryland State Police report that an undocumented shopper failed to use wampum, cash, barter with chickens or even use a stolen credit card to pay for a cartload of store items at the Walmart located on Rt. 235 in California, Md.

Police say that on February 1, 2018, at approximately 8:30 p.m., TFC Oyler responded to Walmart for a reported theft. The investigation revealed that James Michael Wyatt (W/M, 33 of Lusby) had removed approximately $825 of merchandise from the store without paying.  Wyatt was apprehended outside the store and search incident to arrest revealed suspected cocaine and drug paraphernalia.   Wyatt was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center and charged with Possession of CDS: not marijuana, Possession of CDS Paraphernalia, Theft Less than $1000 and Theft Scheme.


None dare call it shoplifting – just undocumented shopping for suspect who was cashless and clueless

CALIFORNIA, MD. – Maryland State Police report that a Lexington Park man anxious to get his criminal career off to a good start, did so on February 3, 2018, at approximately 10:30 a.m. 

Tpr Posch responded to Target for a reported theft as a result of a report that an off-duty State Trooper inside the store had witnessed the suspect leave the store without paying for merchandise.  The suspect was identified as Marquez Deion Brice (B/M, 18 of Lexington Park). Brice was transported to the Maryland State Police Barrack and charged with Theft less than $100.


MVA was closed; midnight tag supply still open

ORAVILLE, MD. Police say that on February 14, 2018, at approximately 2:00 A.M., TFC B. DiToto was on patrol in the Mechanicsville area when she observed a suspicious vehicle at the Korner Karryout after closing hours. The investigation revealed the registration plate had been reported stolen.  The driver, identified as Ryan Nicholas Cherrico (W/M, 27 of Mechanicsville) was arrested for Theft less than $100.


Why buy when beating feet with the meat works

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. –  Police report that on February 15, 2018, at approximately 6:30 p.m., Tpr. K. Bauer responded to Weis supermarket in Great Mills for a reported theft.  The investigation revealed that Christina Marie Russell (W/F, 36 of Lexington Park) had removed approximately $53 of merchandise from the store without paying. Ms. Russell was issued a criminal citation for Theft less than $100. 


DEADHEAD HIT PARADE / Possession of Marijuana Less Than 10 Grams

Name of Arrestee            Age        City, State           Offense Date     Arresting Officer

Claggett, Aaliyah Alexandra          18           Prince Frederick                1/19/2018           TFC J. Mulhearn

Holland, Aiyana Marie    21           Hollywood          1/25/2018           TFC D. Coppedge

Baker, Jawan Dauntrel    25           Lexington Park   2/5/2018             TFC C Ditoto

Davis, Devon Nathanael 28           College Park       2/6/2018             TFC D. Coppedge

Mills, Andrew James       30           Mechanicsville   2/6/2018             Tpr T. Howard

Morris III, Paul Joseph    29           Lexington Park   2/6/2018             Tpr J. Rutkoski

Belcher, Chantelle Marie              19           Port Republic      2/7/2018             TFC J. Mulhearn

Tolliver, Justin Tripplett  35           Lexington Park   2/7/2018             TFC J. Mulhearn

Townsend, Jonathan Wesley       24           Hollywood          2/9/2018             TFC S Ditoto

Gilbert, Kody Michael     24           Mechanicsville   2/10/2018           TFC M. Johnson

Swaniger, Austin Jordan 25           Lusby     2/13/2018           TFC J. Mulhearn

Adams, Brandon Reeder               32           Lexington Park   2/13/2018           TFC C Ditoto

Lee, Tamia Latice             18           Lexington Park   2/14/2018           Tpr J. Rutkoski

Richardson 2nd., Rhodell              32           Lexington Park   2/14/2018           Tpr K. Bauer

Gross, Tyrone A.               30           Lexington Park   2/15/2018           TFC B Ditoto

Coffren Jr., David Wayne              24           Great Mills          2/15/2018           TFC B Ditoto

Weeks, Cullen McCalyster            22           Lusby     2/16/2018           TFC J. Mulhearn

Stevenson Jr., Leonard Vincent   28           Nanjemoy           2/17/2018           Cpl J. Pilkerton

Jennings, Karissa Nicole 19           Great Mills          2/20/2018           TFC C Ditoto


DWI HIT PARADE The following persons were arrested for DUI by the Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack troopers:

Name    Age        City, State           Offense Date     Arresting Officer

Stonestreet, Aaron Joshua           27           La Plata, MD       1/28/2018           TFC C. Ditoto

Gibbons, Theresa Michelle           29           Great Mills, MD 1/30/2018           TFC J. Mulhearn

Campbell, Alexander Scott           23           Leonardtown, MD           2/1/2018             TFC A. Oyler

Wood, Amanda Lyn         27           Mechanicsville, MD         2/2/2018             TFC C. Ditoto

Carroll, Deniz Margaret  47           Annapolis, MD   2/2/2018             TFC B/ Meurrens

Pauley, Joseph Evan        25           Lexington Park, MD         2/2/2018             TFC C. Ditoto

Blanton, Jessie Graham  32           Leesville, SC        2/3/2018             TFC D. Coppedge

Nueslein, Jordan Kessler               31           Hollywood          2/4/2018             Cpl. M. Pitcher

Blair, Olajuwon Sherriff  25           Summerville, GA              2/4/2018             Tpr. T. Howard

Aversano, Nicholas Michael         32           Hinesville, GA     2/6/2018             Tpr. T. Howard

Young, Keith Anthony     51           Great Mills, MD 2/8/2018             Tpr. T. Howard

Thorne, Bradley Alan      35           Waldorf, MD      2/10/2018           Tpr. M. Posch

Swaniger, Austin J           25           Lake Hopatcong, NJ         2/13/2018           TFC J. Mulhearn

Forbes, Heather Claudette           40           Mechanicsville, MD         2/17/2018           Tpr A. Piscopo-Bann

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