Maryland State Police Beat / Shopping excursion ends in arrest, but Michael Wyatt did remember to bring his drug kit; forgot his cash

Maryland State Police report that an undocumented shopper failed to use wampum, cash, barter with chickens or even use a stolen credit card to pay for a cartload of store items at the Walmart

CHECKPOINT MAPLE LEAF Border Patrol Agents Arrest 25 Illegal Aliens; Seize 31 Flavors of Drugs

Swanton Sector agents encountered and arrested 25 people who did not possess valid immigration status, 14 of whom were visa overstays from Colombia. Agents also arrested other illegal aliens from Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Mexico.

DOVER POLICE BEAT / Fireflies fly better with Ecstasy at Firefly Music Festival;  Meth, LSD, Cocaine, and Shrooms; Purveyor of 31 Flavors of Dooming Drugs Jordann Reeser Nabbed

While officers conducted a search of Reeser’s belongings, he attempted to flee on foot while handcuffed.  Reeser was apprehended quickly, but a brief struggle led to a minor injury to a Dover police officer (lacerations to upper extremities).

Attention Coke-heads! The price is going up! Coast Guard offloads $56 million of cocaine in St. Petersburg

Coast Guard Cutter Tarpon offloaded approximately 1,735 kilograms of cocaine Wednesday, May 3, 2017, worth an estimated wholesale value of $56 million and transferred custody of eight suspected drug smugglers at Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg.

DELAWARE STATE POLICE BEAT / Drug Dealer Dynzel Reed’s Peddling Pack Revealed Cash, Loaded Gun and Plenty of Stash

A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a black duffel bag containing 19.6 grams of powder cocaine, 1.3 grams of crack cocaine, 296 grams of marijuana, 4 ecstasy pills, 16 cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride (Flexeril) pills, a loaded 9 mm. Beretta semi-automatic handgun, additional ammunition, and $3,281.00 is suspected drug sale proceeds.

El Chapo Faces Charges in New York for Massive Drug Distribution in the United States

As one of the principal leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel, Guzman Loera allegedly also oversaw the cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana smuggling activities by the Sinaloa Cartel to wholesale distributors in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New York, as well as in various locations in Arizona, Los Angeles and elsewhere.