Maryland State Police Beat / Shopping excursion ends in arrest, but Michael Wyatt did remember to bring his drug kit; forgot his cash

Maryland State Police report that an undocumented shopper failed to use wampum, cash, barter with chickens or even use a stolen credit card to pay for a cartload of store items at the Walmart

Maryland State Police Beat / Troopers finding Drugs and Drunk Drivers During Christmas Drinking, Drugging, Driving and Dying Season

The lenient way that Maryland deals with DUI drivers assures that a plentiful supply of drivers intoxicated with drugs and or alcohol will remain on the public highways ready, willing and able to kill and keep funeral homes flourishing.

DWI HIT PARADE Easton Barrack of Maryland State Police rounded up 37 DUI drivers; Weak Caroline County Prosecutor Joe Riley’s Easy Deals 

CAROLINE STATES ATTORNEY JOE RILEY NOT TOUGH ON DWI DRIVERS: An examination of several of those drivers arrested for DUI reveals several had prior DWI arrests with one of them let loose without a fine or jail time.

Delaware State Police Beat / Dinzel Baynard starts off his crime career with a bang; slew of heroin dealing charges along with fleeing a cop at the tender age of fifteen

Upon searching Baynard, troopers located 73 bags of heroin weighing 1.095 grams, 1.26 grams of marijuana, and over $570.00 in suspected drug proceeds. It was later determined through the investigation that the BMW he was operating was stolen

Delaware State Police Beat / Horsey’s Great Heroin Chase

Police say that the trooper was able to give chase and caught the subject in a wooded area behind the residence, and after a brief struggle was able to take Horsey into custody. In the course of the struggle, a plastic bag containing 124 bags of heroin weighing 1.86 grams fell from Horsey’s pocket. Troopers also conducted a search of Horsey’s residence and located 2.3 grams of marijuana.