MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT / Nurse charged with stealing truck after chase was shortened with tiny sharp spikes

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  • Off all of the offensive and obnoxious behavior that this bozo allegedly committed at the St. Mary’s Hospital, the worse thing was putting the most nutritious source of food in the hospital out of commission by wrecking the vending machine.
Maryland State Trooper on a traffic stop. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT / Nurse charged with stealing truck after chase was shortened with tiny sharp spikes

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – Maryland State Police report that on December 19, 2017, at approximately 9:00 a.m., the St. Mary’s County Emergency Communications broadcasted a traffic complaint about a vehicle operating in a reckless manner. 

TFC M. Manning observed the vehicle in question and also noticed there were no registration plates displayed.  A traffic stop on the vehicle was attempted; however, the operator failed to yield to emergency equipment and a pursuit was initiated. 

Senior Trooper Davis observed the vehicle, described in court records as a 2008 Ford F-250, and attempted to stop it as well.  Stop sticks were deployed by a St. Mary’s County Deputy, which were effective.  The operator lost control of the truck and the operator fled from the vehicle. After a brief foot pursuit by Senior Trooper Davis and Trooper K. Bauer, the operator was apprehended.  It was determined the truck was reported stolen through the Prince George’s County Police Department earlier the same day.

The operator of the stolen vehicle was identified as Angel Ceasar Nurse Jr., 32, of 204 Sanderson Drive, Sterling, Va.  He was arrested and charged with Motor Vehicle Theft and nearly two dozen traffic citations. 

Attorney Rais Jaleel Akbar, of College Park, Md., has signed into court records representing Nurse.

Loud, Unruly, Profane – The Wild Man of Golden Beach

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LEONARDTOWN, MD. – Off all of the offensive and obnoxious behavior that this bozo allegedly committed at the St. Mary’s Hospital, the worse thing was putting the most nutritious source of food in the hospital out of commission by wrecking the vending machine. For that, the Wild Man of Golden Beach should be given forty lashes.

Maryland State Police report that on December 20, 2017, at approximately 9:30 p.m., TFC J. Mulhearn responded to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital, Leonardtown, MD for a reported disturbance.  Upon arrival, TFC Mulhearn made contact with hospital security who advised there was a male visitor who was irate and screaming profanities and was asked to leave the hospital, but he refused.  The subject walked past a vending machine and punched it, causing damage. 

TFC Mulhearn made contact with the suspect, identified as Michael Leroy Thompson, 21, of 29778 Allison Circle, Mechanicsville, Md., and advised him to leave the premises.  Thompson refused to leave, and he was arrested for trespassing, disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property.   Thompson was transported to St. Mary’s County Detention Center pending a bond review with the District Court Commissioner.  On Dec. 21, 2017, bond was posted an initial appearance was set for Jan. 30, 2018 in St. Mary’s District Court.


COKELAND EXPRESS – Career criminal was just a flower bed fanatic at heart when fleeing from flatfoot

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. – This elf wasn’t so jolly when he was installed in a special accommodation at the Hotel St. Mary’s for Christmas. It was a place he was used to after spending so many years enjoying the three hots and a cot – and using jail guards as punching bags.

Maryland State Police report that this bozo drove into a brick flower bed in Lexington Park and demolished it when fleeing from a trooper.

On December 25, 2017, at approximately 6:00 p.m., TFC E. Krenik attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle, but the operator refused to stop, and a brief pursuit ensued.  The vehicle failed to negotiate a turn, striking and destroying a brick flowerbed at the PNC Bank located on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park, Md.

The operator of the vehicle fled on foot but was apprehended within a short distance.  He was identified as Robert Emanuel Clifford, 33, of 21709 Enterprise Road, Lexington Park.  A search of Clifford revealed suspected Cocaine in his wallet.  Clifford was charged with numerous traffic violations and possession of CDS-not marijuana.  With more than 15 traffic citations accumulated from his wrecking ball of a 1997 Honda Accord, Clifford can’t be expected to spend his own money for a lawyer, after all, cocaine ain’t free. He has filed for a free public defender and will let the hapless taxpayers of Maryland spring for his drug-fueled escapade.

A court date has been set for Feb. 27, 2018. Amazingly, a District Court Commissioner, perhaps imbibing in too much-spiked punch, considered this career criminal – who always runs from the cops – not to be a flight risk and released him on a $9,000 bond the same day he was arrested.

  • Maryland Trooper Piscopo-Bann charged Clifford with numerous violations on March 21, 2017, and in District Court on July 19, 2017, in a plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz, the charges were put on the Stet Docket when the prosecutor folded when faced with having to put on a trial as the public defender was Matthew Connell. No fine, no time.
  • Clifford entered into a plea deal to charges of resisting and interfering with an arrest on June 28, 2012. THE DEAL: in return for a guilty plea, he was sentenced to 3 years in jail with credit given for time served of 62 days.
  • Clifford was charged by Trooper Morton with assault in the second degree and theft. In a plea deal with States Attorney for St. Mary’s County, Richard Fritz, he entered a plea of guilty on Aug. 30, 2012, to both charges. THE DEAL: 10 years in jail with 5 years suspended, and probation through June 29, 2020, for the assault charge, a credit of 62 days of time served; 90 days in jail with 28 days suspended on the theft charge. The free attorney was Eric Sullivan.
  • Clifford entered a guilty plea to theft in another plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Fritz on July 22, 2010. THE DEAL: 90 days in jail with 67 days suspended and credit for time served of 23 days. He was also ordered to pay restitution of $500.
  • Arrested for theft in Charles County by Officer Walter of the Sheriff’s Dept., Clifford entered into a plea deal on May 31, 2006. THE DEAL: 360 days in jail with 292 days suspended and credit for time served of 68 days. In a 2008 arrest for theft, Clifford was seen running through the parking lot of the St. Charles Mall after doing undocumented shopping (sans money) at Sears. When he attempted to carjack a vehicle, officers chasing him gave him a double shot of taser love and took him into custody.
  • Clifford was charged several times with assault on jail guards in St. Mary’s Jail with some of the charges put on the Stet Docket by Fritz. On Dec. 10, 2007, Clifford was charged by Deputy Ruest with second-degree assault on a guard and on April 24, 2008, the charge was simply dropped by Fritz.

Fleeing pothead not too fast for fleetfooted flatfoot

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. – Maryland State Police report that on December 24, 2017, at approximately 2:30 p.m., TFC C. Ditoto attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle, but the driver failed to stop.  The vehicle traveled a short distance and the driver fled on foot.  After a brief foot pursuit, the subject was apprehended and identified as Troy Dewayne Cutchember, 26, of California, Md.  A probable cause search of Cutchember’s vehicle revealed marijuana in an amount less than 10 grams.   Cutchember was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where he was charged with Fleeing and Eluding and issued a civil citation for Possession of CDS-Marijuana.

The Junkie Chronicles: Jacqueline Causey didn’t bring any money to use to shop at Walmart, but she did bring her drugs

CALIFORNIA, MD. – Maryland State Police report that on January 5, 2018, at 5:30 p.m., TFC A. Oyler responded to Walmart for a reported theft.

Police say that upon arrival and making contact with the Loss Prevention Officer, it was determined by the trooper that the subject identified as Jacqueline Marie Causey, 37, of 513 Chisholm Trail, Lusby, Md., had stolen approximately $600 of merchandise.

Police say that a search incident to arrest revealed CDS-not marijuana. Causey was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where she was charged with Possession of CDS-not marijuana, Possession of CDS paraphernalia and Theft over $100.  She was able to be released from jail on an unsecured bond, thereby saving her funds for paying for her attorney and possibly more drugs.

Causey was arrested on Dec. 14, 2017, for drug charges in Calvert County and on March 14, 2016, in Calvert County Circuit Court, she got a plea deal from Calvert County States Attorney Laura Martin when busted for charges of possession of heroin and shooting gallery equipment used for shooting up. Her Junkie Special Deal: four years in jail with four years suspended.



Possession of Marijuana Less Than 10 Grams

Name of Arrestee             Age        City, State           Offense Date      Arresting Officer

Roberts, Bryce Leondre  18           Lexington Park   12/3/2017           Sr. Tpr. E. Evans

Hughes, Brandon Lee     20           Charlottesville    12/6/2017           Tpr. D. Coppedge

Carter Jr., Renard Theodrick         19           Lexington Park   12/8/2017           Tpr. A. Piscopo-Bann

Benjamin, Bernadette Philppa     23           California            12/11/2017         TFC B. DiToto

Greenwell, Jocelyn Uneice           19           Great Mills          12/14/2017         TFC E. Krenik

Barnes, Demetrius Edgar              26           La Plata 12/14/2017         Tpr. D. Coppedge

Stewart, Dineasha Nicole             26           Lexington Park   12/16/2017         TFC C. DiToto

Claggett, Armani Nyshai 18           Lusby     12/17/2017         TFC C. DiToto

Adams, Chanel Marie      35           Piney Point         12/18/2017         Tpr. K. Bauer

Grinder, Christy Lynn      32           Hughesville         12/20/2017         TFC A. Oyler

Adams, Debra Lynn         38           Callaway              12/20/2017         Cpl. J. Gibson

Fitzgerald, James Francis              23           Silver Spring        12/20/2017         Tpr. T. Howard

Immler, James Patrick     45           Hampton             12/24/2017         TFC S. DiToto

Bond, Taniua Janay         23           Leonardtown      12/24/2017         TFC C. DiToto

Cutchember, Troy Dewayne         26           California            12/24/2017         TFC C. DiToto

Smith Jr., Joseph Warren              23           Hollywood          12/25/2017         Tpr. D. Coppedge

Kimble, Betty Joan           58           White Plains       12/26/2017         TFC C. DiToto

Medley, Aaron D’Ondre 18           Great Mills          12/27/2017         TFC B. DiToto

Kabba, Patricia Aminata 22           Upper Marlboro               12/27/2017         Tpr. T. Howard

Murphy, Colin Bishop     18           Mechanicsville   12/28/2017         TFC M. Johnson

Davey, Dakota Allan        22           Leonardtown      12/29/2017         Tpr. M. Posch

Bowen, Chad William      24           Mechanicsville   12/30/2017         Tpr. M. Posch

Morris, Erica Marie          28           California            12/30/2017         Sr. Tpr. E. Evans

Barber, Javari Dwayne    19           Great Mills          12/31/2017         TFC C. DiToto



DUI Arrests

Name    Age        City, State           Offense Date      Arresting Officer

Campbell, Julia Mary      36           Dumfries, VA      12/1/2017           TFC M. Davis

Wallace-Dickens, Cathy Jeanette               36           Lexington Park, MD         12/1/2017               TFC S. Ditoto

Rodriguez, Dylan Vincent             23           Lexington Park, MD         12/2/2017           Tpr. M. Powis

Santiago, Cindy Courtney             20           Indian Head, MD              12/2/2017           TFC S. Ditoto

Clybourne, De’Aune Nathan        23           Lexington Park, MD         12/3/2017           TFC B. Meurrens

Roche, Christopher Hugh              55           Lexington Park   12/10/2017         TFC S. Ditoto

Delgado, Jesus Rosas       48           Baltimore, MD   12/14/2017         Tpr. D. Coppedge

Clarke, Tyreek L.              28           Paoli, PA              12/15/2017         TFC C. Ditoto

Dunaway, Adam Michael              30           California, MD    12/15/2017         Tpr. D. Coppedge

Dominguez-Ramos, Alexander     42           Harvey, LA          12/17/2017         TFC C. Ditoto

Sanders, Benjamin Leon 39           Dameron, MD    12/19/2017         Tpr. J. Rutkoski

Bailey, Terry Eugene       57           Lexington Park, MD         12/22/2017         D/Sgt. J. Linger

Immler, James Patrick     45           Hampton, VA     12/24/2017         TFC S. Ditoto

Scriber, Joseph Anthony 49           Mechanicsville, MD         12/26/2017         TFC C. Ditoto

Bott, Janet Lea  48           Goose Creek, SC               12/28/2017         Tpr. T. Howard

Sevilla, Megan Christine               30           California, MD   12/30/2017         TFC E. Krenik

Bowen, Chad William     24           Mechanicsville, MD         12/30/2017         Tpr. M. Posch

  • Off all of the offensive and obnoxious behavior that this bozo allegedly committed at the St. Mary’s Hospital, the worse thing was putting the most nutritious source of food in the hospital out of commission by wrecking the vending machine.

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