MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT / Nurse charged with stealing truck after chase was shortened with tiny sharp spikes

Off all of the offensive and obnoxious behavior that this bozo allegedly committed at the St. Mary’s Hospital, the worse thing was putting the most nutritious source of food in the hospital out of commission by wrecking the vending machine.

Southern Md. Police Beat / Armed robbery by drug dealers staged in area of million-dollar waterfront homes; pistol-whipped druggie customer

Anyone with information regarding this incident or the whereabouts of the Neisa Gaston and Teo-Tre Gaston is asked to contact Detective Melissa Hulse at (301) 475-4200 extension *1996,

Lexington Park Hobos & Hookers: dirtbags rounded up include dangerous folks

ALCOHOL VIOLATION – According to St. Mary’s County Md. Sheriff Tim Cameron, on June 11, 2014, Sergeant Clay Safford assigned to the Hobos & Hookers Patrol (Lexington Park COPs UNIT), observed suspect David Lee Garrison, 57, of no fixed address, on St. Mary’s County government property (bus stop on Tulagi Place) consuming an alcoholic beverage.

Garrison was charged with the alcohol violation by criminal citation and was given a new address at the Hotel St. Mary’s.

Court records reveal that Garrison has a record spanning nearly twenty years of criminal assault, DWI, drug possession, malicious destruction of property, trespassing and many convictions mixed with various charges dropped by St. Mary’s States Attorney