Lena King charged with murder in administering fatal dose of heroin to John Cleaveland

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LEONARDTOWN, MD. According to St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Capt. Daniel Alioto, a St. Mary’s County woman charged with murder, injected a friend with heroin and then took off to Annapolis to buy more drugs while the man was left to enjoy the cocktail of morphine she injected into his system.  Upon returning from her trip to buy heroin she then injected heroin into John Cleaveland which caused him to overdose at which point she fell asleep and he died.
While alarmed and frightened citizens were preparing to attend a drug summit sponsored by police, all for the point of once again telling the clueless, the brainless and the hopelessly dimwitted not to take drugs in any form, on January 7, 2014, Lena King drove John Cleaveland to Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital and reported she discovered him at the Leonardtown Wharf suffering from an apparent overdose.
That report was a lie and police say that they traced back responsibility for his “overdose” to her.
This is the report from the cops:
Detectives from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, Vice/Narcotics Division assumed the investigation and determined on January 6, 2014 Lena King and Mr. Cleaveland obtained a quantity of prescription medication from an individual who resides in Leonardtown, MD.  After receiving the prescription medication, Lena King prepared morphine tablets for injection and administered a quantity of the drug to Mr. Cleaveland by injecting it into his body.  Several hours later, Lena King, Mr. Cleaveland and another subject drove to Annapolis, MD to purchase heroin.  After purchasing heroin, the group returned to a residence in Leonardtown, MD at which time Lena King prepared and administered the heroin to Mr. Cleaveland by injecting the drug into his body.
Shortly after injecting the heroin, it became apparent John Cleaveland was suffering from an overdose.  Lena King fell asleep as a result of ingesting heroin and upon waking up discovered Mr. Cleaveland was no longer breathing and attempted to perform CPR on him. After failing to revive Mr. Cleaveland, Lena King, with assistance from others inside the residence, placed Mr. Cleaveland in his vehicle so Lena King could drive him to the hospital.
Upon arrival to the hospital, medical personnel assessed John Cleveland’s condition and determined he was deceased.  Mr. Cleaveland’s body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore, MD at which time an autopsy was performed.  As the result of the autopsy, a determination was made that Mr. Cleaveland died as a result of a heroin overdose which was administered to him by another person.
Detectives conferred with Richard Fritz, State’s Attorney for St. Mary’s County, and presented the facts of the investigation to the Grand Jury for St. Mary’s County and obtained an indictment for Lena King, subsequently charging her with Murder-2nd Degree, Involuntary Manslaughter, Reckless Endangerment, Administering Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS), Distribution of CDS and Possession of CDS.

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