MARYLAND STATE POLICE BEAT / Nurse charged with stealing truck after chase was shortened with tiny sharp spikes

Off all of the offensive and obnoxious behavior that this bozo allegedly committed at the St. Mary’s Hospital, the worse thing was putting the most nutritious source of food in the hospital out of commission by wrecking the vending machine.

Maryland State Police Beat / Hell-raising in California! Police: The Butler did it. The Record: Butler did a lot more than this.

The record shows that just about everything this guy has been charged with, he did it. Arson. Assault. DUI. Domestic violence and violating several ex-parte orders of Judges

DRUG DEALERS GIVE FACEBOOK THUMBS UP St. Mary’s Sheriff Police Beat / Indictments for dealing cocaine in Lancaster Park served on Dayshawn Nolan and Deuan Herndon

Unless a trained and educated eye of a law enforcement officer was used to glean the unique linguistics of the posters, the digital tracks left behind by these felonious Facebook Friends could never be used against them in court.