Breaking Bad: Drug Dealer Terrance Proctor charged in murder of business associate; ex-con did 10 years for attempted murder & robbery

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Breaking Bad in Maryland

Drug Dealer Terrence Proctor charged with stabbing murder of business associate and her pit-bull

Proctor did ten years in the slammer for attempted murder and robbery in a prior case

Prince George’s County man arrested and charged for the March 2013 targeted attack and brutal murder of Davidsonville resident Nicole Burgess

DAVIDSONVILLE, MD. — Anne Arundel and Prince Georges County Police worked together to arrest a suspect in the brutal murder of a woman in Davidsonville, Md. on March 22, 2013. Due to Maryland’s sentencing guidelines, Proctor was available to allegedly commit this murder as he had only served ten years in prison for attempted murder and robbery, to which he had pled guilty in 1998.

Police say that at approximately 11:29 a.m., officers from the Southern District responded to the 3300 block of Royale Glen Court in Davidsonville for a report of a death.

Officers responded to the residence after two individuals discovered the body of an unidentified adult female deceased inside the residence suffering from trauma to the body. Additionally, a dog was found deceased in the residence. The Anne Arundel County Police Department’s Homicide Unit responded to the scene and has assumed responsibility for the investigation, which is active and ongoing at this time.

The victim was identified as 37-year-old Nicole C. Burgess of 3317 Royale Glen Court in Davidsonville, Maryland. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore determined the cause of death as multiple stab wounds and the manner as homicide.

After a necropsy was performed on the deceased dog, a Pit-bull mix, it was determined that the dog died as a result of multiple stab wounds.

Since the murder occurred, the Anne Arundel County Police Department’s Homicide Unit has worked diligently to solve the murder of Nicole Burgess. Homicide detectives interviewed countless witnesses and sorted through numerous pieces of evidence. Evidence from the crime scene was pieced together. That was coupled with multiple forensic examinations of evidence secured from search warrants. Eventually, a suspect was identified in the slaying of Nicole Burgess.

The suspect was identified as Terrence Robert Proctor, 37, of the 4100 block of Oliver Street, Hyattsville, Maryland. During this investigation detectives were able to determine that the victim and the suspect had a business relationship related to the distribution and trafficking of illicit drugs. There is no information to suggest their relationship was intimate or personal. Their business relationship was relatively new.

Police reported on Sept. 29th that numerous people have been interviewed and numerous items of evidence have been forensically examined.

“We can say however that we have been able to connect Terrence Robert Proctor to the murder of Nicole Burgess based on the evidence and statements have been obtained. While we still do not know what transpired between Proctor and Burgess the morning she was killed, we know that she stabbed multiple times. All indications are that the motive for this murder is rooted in drug business relationship,” said Anne Arundel County Police Chief Kevin Davis.

In working in conjunction with the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office, Detective Vince Carbonaro presented evidence to the Anne Arundel County Grand Jury on Friday, September 26, 2014. At the conclusion of his testimony, the Grand Jury secured an arrest warrant charging Terrence Robert Proctor with the following: First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, and Manslaughter.

On Friday, September 26, 2014 at approximately 5:13 p.m., with the assistance of the Hyattsville Police Department, the Anne Arundel County Homicide Unit initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle being operated by Terrence Proctor. The traffic stop took place in the area of Baltimore Avenue and Jefferson Street, Hyattsville, Maryland. At that time, Terrence Proctor was arrested without incident for the murder of Nicole Burgess.

Police say that the case is still under investigation. There may be people that have information about this case that may have been afraid or reluctant to come forward. Even though an arrest has been made, detectives would still like to talk to anyone having information about Nicole Burgess, Terrance Robert Proctor and this murder investigation.

Anyone with information may call the Anne Arundel County Police Homicide Unit at 410-222-4731. They may also leave a message on the Criminal Investigation Division Tip Line at 410-222-4700. Messages left on this line are monitored 24 hours a day. They may also contact Metro Crime Solvers.

In 2013, the Anne Arundel County Police Department investigated 10 homicides with three remaining open going into 2014. The three cases that remained opened were the Craigslist murder (October 31, 2013) of Rene Filsfdelfo Leiva-Archila which was closed on March 10, 2014 with the arrest of Gregory D. Lewis, the murder of Shar-Ron Charles Mason (December 10, 2013) which was closed on July 18, 2014 with the arrests of Bashunn Christopher Phillips and Tymaine Kenard Phillips and the March 2013 murder of Nicole Burgess. The arrest of Terrence Proctor in the Nicole Burgess homicide brings the Anne Arundel County Police Departments 2013 Homicide clearance rate to 100 percent.

“I am proud of not only the men and women of this police department who assisted in many ways to help our Homicide Unit close all of our homicide cases from 2013, but I appreciate all of the citizens who provided tips and information related to these cases,” said Anne Arundel County Police Chief Kevin Davis. “The efforts of the officers, detectives, evidence collection teams, analysts, citizens, and more have brought about only a small sense of closure for families like the Burgess family, but our community is safer as a result of the work in all of these cases.”

Suspect: Terrence Robert Proctor, 37, of 4101 Oliver Street, Hyattsville, Maryland charged with First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, and Manslaughter.

For the Record:

Proctor is listed in court records as black/African American, a resident of 4101 Oliver Street in Hyattsville, Md., and born on Oct. 16, 1976. He was arraigned on Sept. 29, 2014 while the secret status of the arrest warrants were removed from court records. His attorney of record is listed in court records as Sandra Howell. Howell is lodged at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center in Annapolis. His initial appearance in court is set for Oct. 6, 2014.

Proctor was charged for crimes that took place on March 30, 1998, with 23 counts in an indictment in Prince Georges County Circuit Court in which he entered a guilty plea to attempted murder in the second degree and robbery on Sept. 8, 1998.  He was sentenced on Oct. 28, 1998.  Proctor, said by officials to be a drug dealer, managed to have Circuit Court Judge James J. Lombardi sign an order on Oct. 16, 2012, that waived a supervision fee from Parole and Probation. Court records show that on Jan. 24, 2007, Parole and Probation had filed a report of “Violation Payment”.  That order by Judge Lombardi served to correct a previous order signed by him on Feb. 16, 2007.

The court record on the attempted murder guilty plea shows that on Oct. 28, 1998, Judge Lombardi denied the defendant’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea. The Judge ordered Proctor to be sentenced to prison for 30 years for Count One (attempted murder); 20 years for Count Two (Robbery). Proctor was given credit for 240 days in which he had been in jail towards his sentence. Judge Lombardi then ordered that all but ten years be suspended and supervised probation for three years following his release. The Prince Georges States Attorney dropped all of the remaining counts.  The Judge “strongly recommends Patuxent Institute” was part of the court records.  Judge Lombardi then waived court costs.  During the process for these charges, Proctor ditched the Public Defender and suddenly had the resources to hire a private attorney and Robert Lombardo entered his appearance on April 13, 1998.

Proctor was cited on July 29, 2013, for failing to have a valid medical examiner’s certificate in his possession by Maryland State Trooper Derrick Taylor. The States Attorney of Prince Georges County dropped the charge on Nov. 7, 2013.

Proctor was charged by warrant on July 29, 2013, with possession of marijuana by Prince Georges Police Cpl. Nemser for incidents that took place on March 28, 2013. A jury trial was set for this case. Proctor’s address and date of birth continued to be the same as other charges and in this case, his race was listed as black, and his attorney as Louis Martucci of Upper Marlboro, Md.

Keeping within the protocol of mobsters and drug king-pins, Proctor was charged by warrant on March 30, 2008, with making threats of arson with Natacha Baptiste listed as the complainant. In this court action, Proctor’s race is listed as American Indian/Alaska Native and he is listed at the same address and has the same birthday as above. In this case, the Prince George’s County States Attorney dropped the charges on June 12, 2008.  Had the Prince Georges States Attorney obtained a conviction in this case Proctor would have been sent back to prison to serve another twenty years.

On Dec. 2, 2011, Proctor was charged by a warrant with theft over $500 by Prince Georges Police Detective P. Killerlane with Cpl. Finn and PFC Genung listed as witnesses. With attorney Louis Martucci listed as counsel, the case was forwarded to Circuit Court for a jury trial. In this case, the State of Maryland changed his race to that of “Black, African American” but still listed him with the same address and date of birth.

  • The victim was identified as 37-year-old Nicole C. Burgess of 3317 Royale Glen Court in Davidsonville, Maryland. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore determined the cause of death as multiple stab wounds and the manner as homicide. After a necropsy was performed on the deceased dog, a Pit-bull mix, it was determined that the dog died as a result of multiple stab wounds.

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