Virginia State Police Beat: man confronted Powhatan Deputy with shotgun committed suicide by cop

POWHATAN CO., Va.- Another case of suicide by cop is reported from the Virginia State Police when an armed man confronted a deputy responding to the scene of an armed man in a domestic dispute. Such incidents can end only one of two ways; the armed man puts down his gun and assumes the position just like on TV or he aims his weapon at the cop and is dropped in his tracks.

Virginia State Police Beat: Bloxum VRS ambulance driver blows red light; crashes into bus and kills patient

The Bloxum Volunteer Rescue squad was traveling southbound Route 13 in a 2013 Chevy ambulance. The rescue squad vehicle was transporting a patient, with lights and sirens activated, when the driver drove through the red light at the Route 180 intersection. Upon driving through the intersection, the ambulance struck a 2013 Ford Star Transit Bus causing the ambulance to lose control and overturn several times.

Virginia State Police Beat: Fleeing Felonious Futrell sits in a cell wishing he had apple pie!

As the pursuit continued east on Route 460 near the Town of Windsor, the fleeing felon Futrell crashed into an Acura SUV, abandon his vehicle, fleeing on foot. Futrell fled to a nearby wrecker company where he stole a tow truck. Troopers terminated the pursuit to render assistance to the driver and passenger of the Acura SUV.