BALTIMORE, MD. — Following the National Guard and police officers from three states withdrew from the Crime City of Baltimore, its back to business as usual – thugs shooting and killing with wild abandon. The City of Baltimore has been run by liberal Democrats since 1957 and the Mayor, Chief of Police, States Attorney and City Council are all blacks along with half of the police force. The Mayor has asked the FBI to investigate her handling of police services for the City of Baltimore!

Beef Over Venison Yields Buckshot and Attempted Murder Charges

Beef Over Venison Yields Buckshot and Attempted Murder Charges

POCOMOKE, MD. — Kenneth George White, 18, of 729 Camden Ave., Fruitland, Md., has been charged by Maryland State Police Detective R. Keidel with attempted first degree murder and other related charges for allegedly shooting a victim.

Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies’ report that a man who stopped to assist another motorist who had hit a deer was shot with a shotgun by White after an argument.

Update: Two Suspects Charged in Wheaton ‘Little r’ gang Shooting; Cops say 13-year-old gangster was shooter

WHEATON, MD. — 08/03/2014 — Montgomery County Police report that Detectives have arrested a 13-year-old and 19-year-old for the shooting of an 18-year-old female that occurred Thursday morning in Wheaton. Both suspects were located Friday afternoon and taken into custody by officers.

Investigators believe that both suspects are associated with the “Little r” gang. Police believe that gang members thought the victim was divulging information about gang activity to police, and the two suspects conspired to shoot the victim as an act of retaliation.

Where will the Bachelorette parties go now that the cops shuttered Hangar Club after shooting?

Prince George Police report that they have issued a violation notice to the owners of Hangar Club ordering their business closed on June 27, 2014.

The Hangar Club is in the 6400 block of Old Branch Avenue in Temple Hills. The business was found operating without the required use and occupancy permit.