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PIRATE POACHERS OF THE CHESAPEAKE Cops nab outlaw watermen Wheatley father and son duo poachers raiding oyster sanctuary – not the first rodeo for Pop

While the vast majority of Chesapeake Bay watermen are law-abiding and work hard to understand and be in compliance with the myriad set of rules set down by Bay regulators, there are others who just don’t give a damn. According to the NRP, these watermen allegedly are among the latter, especially the father who has a long line of poaching convictions with which he can add notches to his boat and boast about in the tavern.

Pirate Poachers of the Chesapeake: All the Governor’s Outlaw Watermen

  (Note: not all of the watermen shown in photo with Gov. Hogan are poachers. They appeared with Hogan on Feb. 27, 2016 to have a breakfast in Waldorf as…

Pirate Poachers of the Chesapeake: Piney Point’s Lumpkins boat caught red-handed with thousands of illegal croakers

The vessel was holding about 14,000 pounds of croaker and other species of fish, many appearing to be undersized. Seventeen NRP officers from four counties were assigned to measure the entire catch, an effort that took 12 hours. The fish were kept under refrigeration in trucks provided by the waterman.
Approximately 3,500 pounds—or 25 percent—of the catch were found to be undersized. Those fish were seized and returned to the water.

Maryland Audit of Potomac River Fisheries Commission: fishy record-keeping could lead to fraud

There was no breakdown in what the prior “longtime” Executive Secretary of the PRFC was paid or the new salary level of the newly hired Martin L. Gary; and the report didn’t explicitly lay the blame for the loose accounting practices on the former Executive Secretary. The audit response also didn’t detail why the newly hired Executive Secretary didn’t have the skills to use QuickBooks or provide any reason why proper accounting and reconciliation procedures were not being followed. This revelation continues to add credence to the old saying “close enough for Government work”.

Natural Resources Police hook up spawning rockfish poachers with big fines, confiscate gear

An investigation by the Maryland Natural Resources Police and allied State and local agencies resulted in the charging of five anglers in Charles County last Friday for illegally fishing for Striped Bass in a spawning area and catching other protected fish.
Acting on information gathered during surveillance, NRP officers and members of the Southern Maryland Information Center watched as a group of people caught and kept Striped Bass from an area of the Potomac River that is closed to allow spawning. As the anglers left at 1:50 a.m., NRP officers and units from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office stopped them.