Maryland State Police Beat / HOOKER PATROL – Police say undercover cops snared hookers while under covers

Police say undercover cops snared hookers while under covers   SALISBURY, MD. With two major roundups of alleged hookers and hookups by cops in Ocean City, Wicomico County Sheriff, Maryland State Police, and Berlin Police Department, it just might be somewhat difficult for practitioners of the oldest profession, that of sex purveyors, to practice their […]

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Murder USA: Medical examiner says death of Mary Bonniwell is homicide; cops say caregiver Becky Long responsible for injuries

A caregiver has been charged with murder following the autopsy of the woman for whom she was caring for and living with in a home located at 202 Morris Street in Fruitland, Md. The results of the autopsy was that the death was a homicide due to injuries. Ironically, the woman charged with the murder attempted to charge the woman’s son with harassment and being a peeping tom. Those charges were dropped.

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Baltimore County Police Beat: Wunder-Underwear Man Busted for Up Undie Shots; Drug Distribution

Detectives obtained a search and seizure warrant for the suspect’s vehicle. When the vehicle was searched, detectives found several bags of suspected Marijuana that were packed in such a way that suggested that they were intended for distribution.

Sayler was charged with private place – prurient intent, CDS: possession, and CDS: possession with intent to distribute. He was released on $10,000 bail.

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