Drunk boater nabbed in Western Maryland to kick off the boozing while boating season; Baltimore man faces trial for killing two passengers when he smashed into Key Bridge after night of bar-hopping

The indictment charges Wilson with two felony counts each of manslaughter by vessel; homicide by vessel while under the influence of alcohol; homicide by vessel while impaired by alcohol; homicide by vessel while impaired by a controlled dangerous substance; and homicide by vessel while impaired by drugs.

Pirate Poachers of the Chesapeake: Southern Pride, Linda Captains & Crew Face $3,000 Fines for Stealing from Sanctuary

CHOPTANK RIVER, MD. — Using the excuses of not knowing where the oyster sanctuary was located, four Maryland watermen were nabbed for poaching oysters by the boatload, reports the Maryland Natural Resources Police.

Boating rescues in Chesapeake & Potomac over holidays: two saved, one still missing

SANDY POINT, MD. — A holiday turned into one of misery and mystery when a man fell from his sailboat near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on New Year’s Eve; the week before, two men fishing in the Potomac were lucky to be found after their boat sunk.