MURDER USA Gang of three guilty in the homicide of Andrew Kolta; the victim was shot dead in front of his apartment building during an armed robbery of $17

 Without a gun to protect them and gaining a permit to do so fraught with problems, citizens are at a big disadvantage as violent criminals prowl for prey as did the three accused did when robbing and killing Andrew Kolta.

Steny Hoyer: “I’m a tax, tax, spend, spend Democrat” – now Democrats suddenly express a fear of increasing the deficit and triggering a tax hike? Did they change their game? 

Steny Hoyer: I’m a tax, tax, spend, spend Democrat; now Democrats suddenly express a fear of increasing the deficit and triggering a tax hike? Did they change their game? 

MURDER USA Arrest made of Sean Urbanski in stabbing death of Richard Collins III at U of Md College Park

Urbanski will be convicted, but unfortunately, due to the past liberal Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley and the liberal yahoos of the Maryland General Assembly the worst that will happen to the accused will be a sentence of life without parole in the state prison.

Calvert Sheriff Police Beat / Dangerous Drug Dealer Dennis Deonte Green on Motorcycle Led Posse of Deputies on High-Speed Chase Before Attempting to Illegally Enter Trunk of Squad Car

Hell hath no fury like a PG County drug dealer on an unregistered bike with no insurance, no permit and nothing to lose due to being a loser of the human race in all respects. The lives that this biker endangered, other than his own, are numerous.

Jail guards Kimberly Dennis and Antonia Allison were jail guards prostituting themselves for money to Black Guerilla Family killers in Maryland Prison; now they go behind bars

Forty of the 44 defendants charged in the racketeering conspiracy have been convicted, including 24 correctional officers. Thirty-five defendants pleaded guilty; five defendants were convicted after trial. Three defendants were acquitted and one defendant died.

Inmate Tavon White, a/k/a Bulldog and Tay, age 37, of Baltimore was sentenced to 12 years in prison

‘Rain, rain, go away, make O’Malley Democrats pay another way’ – Gov. Hogan announces effort repeal rain tax

“Passing a state law that forces counties to raise taxes on their citizens against their will is not the best way to address the issue,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “Marylanders have made perfectly clear that further taxing struggling and already overtaxed Marylanders for the rain that falls on the roof of their homes was a mistake that needs to be corrected.”

End of the Dyson-Bohanan Political Dynasty May Signal the Advent of Replacement of Steny Hoyer

In 1974 Dyson was successful in seeking one of the three delegate seats shared by Charles and St. Mary’s Counties and led the ticket in the Democratic Primary, forever earning the animosity of then-Speaker of the House John Hanson Briscoe for piling up more votes than the Speaker in his home county.

Dyson went on to run and win the Democratic nomination for Congress just two years later and ran an unsuccessful campaign against incumbent Republican First District Congressman Bob Bauman. Bauman, a rising star in the GOP for his mastery of the rules of the House of Representatives was a thorn in the side of Speaker Tip O’Neill and Dyson’s campaign was able to attract national money to his effort, but the district was fully in Bauman’s camp

Maryland’s Landslide Larry meets the press as Governor-Elect!

Hogan told reporters a handful of times that he would not field specific questions regarding policy and tax reform right after election night, but made clear his determination to “get things done in a bipartisan fashion,” cut spending and “roll back as many of the 40 consecutive tax hikes as we can.”

Hogan is preparing a “transition team,” comprised of Republicans and Democrats, to help ease into the governor’s role. The team will be co-chaired by Jim Brady, who headed up the transition teams for past governors Parris Glendening, a Democrat, and Bob Ehrlich, a Republican; and lieutenant governor-elect Boyd Rutherford.

Where in the world is Martin O’Malley?

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has traveled coast-to-coast over the past year, campaigning preliminarily for a potential 2016 presidential bid and, in some cases, donating to politicians in influential states within five days of visiting. Expenditures by O’Malley’s PAC, the “O’Say Can You See” PAC, were detailed in reports to the Federal Election Commission