Where in the world is Martin O’Malley?

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Martin O'Malley . The Chesapeake Today photo
Martin O’Malley . The Chesapeake Today photo

O’Malley on the Move

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has traveled coast-to-coast over the past year, campaigning preliminarily for a potential 2016 presidential bid and, in some cases, donating to politicians in influential states within five days of visiting. Expenditures by O’Malley’s PAC, the “O’Say Can You See” PAC, were detailed in reports to the Federal Election Commission Opensecrets.org.This time-map outlines the date and purpose of his visits going back to August 2013, and his coinciding contributions to other politicians. The visits were collected from O’Malley’s social media channels, local and national news outlets and Capital News Service reporting and may not reflect all visits. We will update this graphic as O’Malley continues his travels. Please let us know of a visit by emailing cnsmaryland@gmail.com.
Reporting by Mike Persley, Morgan Fecto and Beena Raghavendran.
Capital News Service interactive by Beena Raghavendran and Morgan Fecto.
OMalley at Hoyer bull roast
Gov. Martin O’Malley at Hoyer bull roast. O’Malley is spending the last year of term as Governor campaigning across the nation in an attempt to become president. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

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